Boredom in Brizzle.

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by BrunoNoMedals, Jun 13, 2010.

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  1. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    It's been almost twelve months since my missus packed up and moved 150 miles to north Bristol and into my house. Now we've just about got everything in order (got the house straight, settled into our new jobs, etc.) we're getting sick of the sight of each other and are rapidly running out of things to do.

    Having not been a Bristolian for particularly long prior to her indoors getting, well, in my door, I'm a bit stuck for ideas. Thus I turn to you, my fellow ARRSErs, for inspiration. What can a couple in their mid-twenties do in their spare time? We both need things to do on our own or with friends, as well as some things to do together. So far I've come up with the following:

    1) Join the gym. I'm doing this anyway as all my trousers, jeans and shorts are getting decidedly tighter with each passing month. However, she's not keen on doing anything other than swimming when it comes to leisure centres, so it's not exactly in the "spending time together" bracket.

    2) Tennis and badminton - she likes both, and I can just about keep up. Joining a club is an expensive option, so we'd try to combine it with gym membership.

    3) Basketball - love to get back into it, but can't find any local teams. It would appear there's a league but I can't work out how serious it is.

    4) Football - I'm gash at our national sport, but an excuse to get fit while training (and get drunk with a whole new set of acquaintances) is appealing.

    5) Gaming - I'm an avid gamer. She isn't. That said, she loves "social" games like Band Hero and anything Wii. My attempts to track down an appropriate group, however, have been futile.

    6) Getting stuck into a local team - I'm tempted to go to the T20 cricket, rugby or football with her now and then. We support opposite Manchester teams, so I quite like the idea of adopting a new team we can both support.

    New areas to look into would be useful, but anything with links to specific clubs, societies, leagues or whatever would be tremendous.

    I originally considered putting this in the NAAFI, but realised I'd actually like some vaguely useful advice! And yes, I'm fully aware of how pathetic I sound posting it all for public discussion :D
  2. Tank spotting?
  3. How about cycling? You've got some totally cracking countryside around that part of the world and some lovely routes.
  4. Temple meads train to Cardiff job done
  5. How about taking up triathlon? No gym membership required.

    Bristol have a great club called BadTri... a really good bunch of guys (and girls) and you can do as much or as little training as you want.

    BadTri website

    Course it does tend to get quite expensive when you start lusting after carbon-fibre bike components....
  6. Try playing a game of count the white man in the Horfield area, shortly before standing on a heroin users discarded needle.

    Bristol and it's suburbs should be used as a missile testing area.
  7. I'll probably get shot down for suggesting this on Arsse, but how about Ballroom Dancing? It helps keep you fit, it's something you can do together and it'll widen your circle of friends. I know Bristol Uni has a very good Ballroom team so you may be able to contact them for details of local schools.

    and the denizens of should be able to help too. Just tell them TF sent you.
  8. Watching Premiership Rugby good social.............................Oh sorry not in Brizz. :D
  9. Genital powerlifting is all the rage down brizzle way. You might want to practice a bit at home before joining a club though. Start with a 2ltr bottle of White Lightning and gradually work your way up. The minimum requirement for membership of most west country genital powerlifting clubs, is a 5 gallon demijohn clean and jerk, or for Frau BNM, the snatch.
  10. Understandable, its a local sport, for local people.
  11. Go jogging around Clifton Downs in the evening - lovely scenery, you'll get fit and you can also get in with the local dogging set that meet up there around eight-ish...


    Quis Separabit
    Vestigia Nulla Retrorsum
  12. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    Cheers chaps. I'm a little worried by the amount of physical exertion that has been suggested (as I am a lazy fecker) but once I'm back in shape I reckon the climbing and cycling could be on the cards. The wench has mentioned cycling before, but where I am there's only the dual-carriageway routes to work - and they're not particularly interesting. If there's something a bit more scenic I could probably be tempted. We also know a girl who goes climbing around Clifton so again, once I'm physically capable of heaving myself up a wall, I'll give it a go.

    Any form of running is out of the question as my knees are shot to shit from a decade of basketball, although the dogging part sounds fun. Mrs BNM recently had "seagulling" explained to her, and found it quite funny. This would give her a chance to see it in action...
  13. Yes there is some cracking countryside, with lovely country roads that I use to move around on. So please don't encourage even more of the lycra clad mobile roadblocks out onto them... :evil:
  14. Yeah but Exeter, Bath and gloucester are all in striking distance! Cardiff Blues are on fire at the moment too...great ground and good pies/beer/craic.
  15. There are plenty of "green routes" which run around the Bristol area or between Bristol and Bath. The Bristol Bath cycle trail has the advantage that if you overtax yourself going, you can train it back!

    Constructive, helpful? I know, quite uncharacteristic of me.