Boredom Eating...

I feel like a right waster,
Today 11/10/06 (since i got out of my pit at 1235) i have eaten:
2 loafs of bread (toasted and caked in marmite)
a big galaxy choccie bar
2 packs of chicken super noodles
a saucepan full of spaghetti bolognese
litres upon litres of brew's
1 carton of orange juice
1 carton of apple juice
2 packets of chocolate cookies
Suffice to say i feel physically sick and am dreading my first phys session when i get back to Bn.
Closer still i'm dreading the first rumblings in my stomach and the impending dump im going to have later! with 2 loaves of bread in my system its going to be like giving birth to a Fijian!
Wish me luck :D
Gallon of beer to wash it down?
Yes, you need to cut down on the orange juice. Tomorrow try juniper cordial - Sapphire's a nice one.
It's going to be dreadful, going back to PAYD and not being able to eat the nutritious food that you crave.