Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by elnoddo, Jun 23, 2007.

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  1. Ask Mcdonalds a stupid question.

    link to article

    mcdonalds question page

    I wonder whats the daftest question they will reply to?

    Think im going to ask them about the dead baby content of their chicken nuggets.

    Edited to add ive just sent them this
  2. keep us posted on the answer
  3. Ive found a new hobby

    Edited to add

    Are McDonalds owned by Sir Trevor McDonald off the news?

    Will let you know
  4. I know its only been twenty minutes but im quite dissapointed they hav'nt answered it yet.

    You could be onto something there Taffridge.



    Hmm its all making sense now...
  5. Just mailed them:

    Please could you tell me why all the rubbish that is strewn along the A14 and the immediate surrounding area is mysteriously marked with the McDonald's logo? Is there a conspiracy to monopolise on garbage?
  6. This is wny I don't eat at Maccy D's

  7. So McDonald's is run by papa lazarou then?
  8. ahhh, McDalds, they make the Big Mac. The finest burgest I have ever tasted. Seriously, they make very moorish burgers. The sort of burgers you love to hate and hate to love.
  9. Yeah, they use the finest ingredients - why they have such a bad rep beats me.
  10. [​IMG]

  11. I'll try one next time I'm on Northumberland Street
  12. :mrgreen: LOL
  13. Hi. are your staws made from hay? Is the burger meat made from cows colons?
  14. The straws are porcupine quills and the meat is lips and assholes :)
  15. really i could spend all night just typing in random words in the search box there. 'semen' is quite amusing, and i think next up i'm gonna do a search for 'hymen'....