Bored With Elitism............

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by skydiver8888, Mar 7, 2009.

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  1. Am i the only one tired of books writen by certain ex special forces authors under assumed names who act like they have saved the world single handedly and we are all just groupies.
    Picked up a book at airport called "Highway to hell" written by some guy who revels in calling himself and his mates 'Jedis' and had the audacity to claim that all paras were like gods and sounded like he and his so called blades were the only proffesionals in the British Army!
    Oh,wait a minute..he did say that REME were ok but only useful for fixing a wagon in a tight generous of him.
    When will we hear the end of this derogatory waffle and petulant behaviour....The fact is the British Army as a whole has recently proved its mettle again in Iraq and Afghanistan just as they did in both world wars and all serious conflicts since.Its the finest and best trained army in the world yet some people have nothing but contempt towards thier fellow soldiers.
    I spent some years in the army while these so called elite soldiers lived on thier laurels,acted like they were movie stars and labelled us all crap hats...They even once left a mate of mine under fire in NI because to quote them... ''were not risking our lives for crap hats''
    This guys still seems to be living in that era.
    Its an insult to the brave lads in all arms who have died serving thier country and quite frankly this attitude belongs in the past.If thier is ever a world war 3 then it will take every arm of the forces to succeed.
    The only honest book worth reading was written by former SAS RSM peter ratcliffe highlighting exactly these types of prima donnas,, he was slated for it and largely forgotten.But had he nothing to prove and was genuine in what he observed,alot of petty mentalitys and huge egos.
  2. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    And your point is? Mr Radcliffe made a lot of money thats the point of writting war stories. ACIO,s do recruiting not penguin.
  3. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    [''were not risking our lives for crap hats'', oops missed that bit and dont beleive a word of it, BTW are you a former Hat?
  4. What a surprise....i expected tantrum replies like 'are you a hat?'...erm yes i am...isnt that what i was saying...but your just proving my point,,,mentioning that derogatory word hat was your first instinct...the army as a whole is proffesional so get over yourself.
    Im not insulting anyone as some of the most decent men i ever met wore the maroon beret..(i was attached to an airborne regiment)..just highlighting people with elitism mentalitys like yours because thats counter productive and could cost lives in the field.
    And yes certain individuals did leave my friend under fire for that reason which is unforgivable.
    I even recall one memorable time some fools raiding our block drunk on airborne forces weekend and trying to beat us up in our beds with baseball bats,wearing balaclavas.How brave!
    When we quite rightly fought back outraged and battered these bully boys they ran to tell tales and we ended up in the guardhouse nick being beasted.How dare hats fight back.......what a joke.
    Never mind that we had served alongside them and had no choice to be in the regiment as our skills were required...(its called team work guys)
    I have no need to lie,i did my job and kept my mouth shut... and by the way i was actually praising Peter Ratcliffes book because he told the truth about some of the elite prima donnas who hid behind assumed names and wrote misleading books about thier heroics.For his trouble he was slagged off.And he didnt have that daft black stripe across his photo either....
    My point is elitism mentalitys can risk lives...The US general in command
    during the first Gulf war also said that was what he had learned in the vietnam war....But then again,,what do hats know,,haha
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    Oh Dear


  6. Mate, if you don't like Para/SAS Porn - don't buy the books!

    The object of writing a book, at least for most authors, is to make as much dosh as possible. Any book by an ex-member of Them, Paras or Marines will be competing against dozens of other books on similar subjects. So it's understandable if the author tries to make himself and his unit as cool/sexy as possible.

    I think the Harry Potter books are a load of sh1te, so I don't buy them. You should adopt a similar attitude. :roll:
  7. So, just to summarise, you're bored of elitism in the world of Chris Ryan? Honestly?
  8. Fixed it for you.

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  9. Pararegtom.

    Its apparant that you are a fucking retard.

    Looking at some of your other posts you're clearly just an inflammatory prick.

    Which leads me to believe you are another ARRSEr pissing about.
  12. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    Dinger where,s your sense of Humour? no ones getting personal.
  13. If you want a good read, the real deal foks, I recommend the author Cyril Clunge. It's somewhere on Arrsepedia.

    Classic books from someone who's actually been there, got the t-shirt and shrunk it.

    Try the search function. I'm a computer biff so can't do a link. Sorry.
  14. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    [What a surprise....i expected tantrum replies like 'are you a hat?'...erm yes i am...isnt that what i was saying...but your just proving my point,,,mentioning that derogatory word hat was your first instinct...the army as a whole is proffesional so get over yourself.

    SD get off your high chair and grow up, waterstones sells a varied selection of book,s Bird spotting and flower arranging are popular, if you dont like Airborne/SAS/SBS Porn dont buy it.
  15. I dont blame them i wouldn't expose myself to enemy fire for some baseball cap or panama sh1te. A bowler from saville row or a stetson might make me think otherwise