bored teenagers classed as yobs

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Dunc0936, Aug 23, 2007.

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  1. I was talking to a group of youngsters today at work about why teenagers felt the need to hang around a supermarket carpark at night, these kids were not causing trouble, but we still had complaints from customers about them, they were all different races nearly all in hoodies and looking like they were just really bored sensless......

    I mentioned about the armed forces, and the reservers especially as Sandhurst and Arborfield Garrison are just down the road, they liked the thought of helping people, working as a team, having something positive to do with their lives, but there was nothing really around for their age group to do, but did not like the idea of having to go off to Iraq......

    So this got me thinking, how much would it cost to have a ship like HMS Newcastle (now decomissoned) or even HMS fearless or Intrpid, used as a training ship for guys like this, they could learn a trade, have some roll models to look up to, discapline, and sense of achievement and even use it in times of disasters, (recent Hurricane) I know there is the cadet corps but these guys where to old......

    Some had admited to having peer preasure with drink and drugs, so get them out to sea or on a base training would help with this sort of thing......

    NOW I know ur all going to say how we going to pay for such a thing, well you can't tell me that there is no money floating around this country, if we can pay millions out for some arts project that really does not benefit that many people......

    Im sure we could get some ex service people to help

    Anyway thats my thoughts.........Discuss......................

  2. Sounds like a good idea - and demonstrated by the likes of Bad Lads Army, et al, that it can work. Still don't understand nothing like this has been set up yet.
  3. Oh no we can't do that!
    Would take away the Guardian reader's opportunities to look down on someone.

    Seriously though, good idea. Where there's an opportunity, it's always a good idea to take it :) . Perhaps something with varying levels of commitment, including a few that won't scare these lads and lasses away straight off.
  4. Teenagers are always bored no matter what they do!

    I know this from experience, being 15 myself.
  5. For every one of these "bored teenagers" there will be many, many fine young people who are getting on with their lives, studying, working, doing voluntary work, playing sports, following their interests. The type of youth that wants to hang around in a hoodie, sniffing whatever and scaring innocent passers-by will not be seen dead going down to a local training ship to do some good. " it'soooo like boring - you know-wot-I-mean"

    They are living in Berkshire for god's sake - not some backwood miles from anywhere. PC Plod - get out of your station and move them on

    It doesn't matter what you offer some people they will still not be happy. If they take up drugs, alcohol, crime etc - that is their choice, no-one else's fault.

    Why don't we think about rewarding good kids for a change - I volunteer to help them (and have done so in the past).
  6. Anything that prevents them from following their weaker peers into disorder and possibly worse is a good idea.

    I am very critical of the scrotes where I live, but would be the first to admit that there is nothing locally to keep them from finding their own diversions. We have a number of pubs that have so far only turned out feckless disinterested parents, and a two room underfunded youth and community centre, so no prizes for guessing what the current youths are more likely to turn to.

    Sadly although the idea of re-commissioning a ship is a capital one, it is likely to be scuppered from the start by the hoary old Health & Safety argument. The disorder, mayhem and murder now occurring on a daily basis is the manifestation of a much deeper problem, the emasculation of England.
  7. some positive comments so far guys thanks,

    two things to over come,

    1) money
    2) Health and Safety

    However, the jubilee sailing trust who run the Lord Nelson have to over come that and they put her in to some rough seas,

    you are right Herrumph, I got on with my life, and made something of it, but I have great parents, and a good family to help me along the way. alas some of these kids don't, and im not pretending that in someways they are not helping themselves, but as bad lads army has shown, with some guidance from a RSM they can make themselves in to something,

    I have taken on some youngester in my department that other people would not touch, but you have to be straight with them at the outset and 9 times out of ten you never have any problems.

  8. It's a great idea, but in my experience "bored teenagers" are just teenagers with no motivation to do anything.

    I think the point you bring up in the title is a valid one though. BBC News are forever discussing "hoodies", yet showing pictures of harmless kids wearing hoodies with their favourite band on. What they ought to be showing are the chavvy gang scum which are doing so much damage to this country.
  9. Hitler youth!!!
    There was an organisation and a half. Applied to girls as well and from these 2 organisations selected those who were to go forward and breed in the interests of improving their country and its people. Possibly outbreeding the chav gene.
  10. Umm...good that you have tested the water with these young people and have first hand feedback about what they want but there are hodloads of organisations who offer training opportunities for young people - SCC, ACF, ATC et cetera - already.

    The real problem is that these organisations require some kind of commitment and an initial contact from "der yoof"!
  11. msr

    msr LE

    And from 'Der Adults'...

  12. Don't look at me...I'm too busy managing a play school and filing an SO2 slot!

    Of course try these kids all means
  13. It's my experience that the parents are worse than the kids. That's how they end up chavs in the first place.
  14. Is that an accurate description of life on the Bde Staff? :D