Bored on tour

its must be becuase i am dyslexic. The site discrimnates against dyslexics by not giving them speical treatment like turning back time to make my messges be before you wrote yours.
cant you go running walking or shoot things or drive over things in a vechicle. Or why not insult some one pick some one and try and get them to crack.

You could do this by mutally agreed "lies" with everyone else. If hes weak he will crack. If not he will think u all have cracked.
MRciviytoungue said:
its strange that people join the army go to iraq or somewhere and then play first person shooter game they may as well as stayed in there bedroom.
What the fcuk have you been smoking?

Can I have some?
If you are bored on tour, I command you to do the following:

1. In the sangar, you will play "safety on, squeeze the trigger, safety off, don't squeeze..."

2. Hold the fly off lever of your red phos grenade, then pull out the pin and show your friends: they will all think you are truly a fearless warrior.

3. Verily though shalt rub deep heat into your hand. If you can masturbate to conclusion before passing out, you will be known as a giant amongst men.

4. Collect various dangerous animals as available (spiders, snakes, bears, tigers, etc) and prod with sticks to make them angry, so that they will fight for your enjoyment. Then shove the winner down your underpants.

5. Finally, what better way of passing time than in the horizontal time accelleration device? If you are on stag, just lie on the floor and rest your eyes... go on, you have been working really hard and deserve a rest.... what's the worst that could happen?.....they'll never know....


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