Bored of the sidelines

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Jerrycan2793, Dec 24, 2011.

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  1. Is there an all arms underwater knife fighting waltencommando course so others can get involved?

    On a side note do you deal with PlodWalts
  2. Bore someone else will you.
  3. But I have one using three different names, the title of Lord. Claims that they are a private investigator and serving police officer. That's surely a good catch?
  4. Kill him, then yourself.
  5. But I don't have the relevant courses, I'll have to speak to my PSI I assume
  6. Gratis.
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  7. What the fuck are you on about you mongaloidal shit from a dead flea infested dog
  8. Chap in my local area using 3 different names, claims to be a private investigator and serving plod (Although he may be a Private investigator pretty certain he is not plod) lots of outlandish claims. Also uses the title of Lord which is also false.
  9. There's a couple of people on here who use titles, such as 'the duke', 'prince Albert ', 'the iron duke'. I'm pretty sure that they aren't really titled, the walty fuckers.

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  10. Yeah he is using it for the purpose of advertisement etc...
    Carl Kemp Hypnosis Ltd
    Mr Carl Kemp is Also Mr Carl Shakesby and The Lord Carl Shakesby.
    You will also find him claiming to be currently serving plod on the police reunited website.
    Though as he runs a Bar (Licensee which means he is ineligible for the special constabulary I would be interested to know how he find the time to be full time or part time plod)
    Well known locally as a bit of a throbber and often attempts to be a conman (Doesnt usually succeed)
    Police are aware of him I believe but it would be interesting to see what the Waltencommando (Who are actually good at this sort of research) could discover about the fella
  11. You've been here a while. It appears however, that you are unaware that this is a Military based forum, and as such the membership has no interest in what civvies get up to, even wanky individuals.

    Has this Carl fellow any connection what-so-ever to the military community?

    I suggest you visit his pub, get pissed, offer him out and get yourself lobbed into the Humber. If that doesn't float your sinking boat, attend one of his hypnotic shows and heckle him. He may convince you that you are a funeral pyre.

    You hedge baby.
  12. Constantly trying to get into leconfield to do DJ jobs but otherwise no connection
  13. Just checked him out,he is genuine.Take my word for it 'cos I'm ex"Them" (ssshhh) and you really don't want to challenge any info I give you.Leave it alone and I can guarantee your wellbeing.Please delete this once you have read it 'cos Persec.

    Lord two Sugars

    Ex "them"
    Ex Plod
    Private investigator
    Dog walker(ret'd)
  14. Dog Walker??? I call Dog Walking Walt!
  15. Read the post!!Ret'd (Spelt fully as retarded)