Bored-ly Harrison

What a load of arrse :cry: Harrison runnung round the ring like a big wuss. Well done Danny Williams for keeping going forwards and taking the fight on. Harrison - you are a loser
Couldn't agree more!!

That said williams needs to sort his fitness, his next fight will be defence from a young upstart no doubt!
Even though Williams has beaten Tyson, he is a journeyman. The point is that if Harrison can't beat Williams, he can kiss any chance of a world title shot goodbye. I have seen better scraps outside the Ottoman Kebab shop in Blandford
The bloody 2 round match with Amir Khan was better than that piece of cr*p!


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it was like two dead dogs geting it on.

come bak bugner.
To say that this is the best of British boxing is a total embarassment. Mr Hatton is flying the flag and hopefully the young man Kahn can lift the British Boxing scene too.

The heavyweight division should be consigned to the 'not worth viewing' ranks until we have a legitimate boxer worthy of the name. Bet Henry Cooper was hanging his head in shame watching that sh*te tonight!!

Williams only won because he was the least bad of the two on show.
Kevin Mitchell who fought after the big fight did very well, he seems to take onboard things that people point out hes doing wrong,he seems very positive and a nice bloke, hes keen to fight Amir Khan in a couple of years, hes 17 unbeaten now , shame hes from Dagenham!

They should rename the super heavy weights the chubbsters after tonights wobbly merry-go-round.

Anyone else think that having to wait 10 rounds for a decent punch, just the one mind, is a total waste of airtime?
I want the three quaters of an hour of my life that I spent watching that back please Mr Harrison and Williams, what a complete load of arrse.

I had to go and watch Zulu to provide my evenings entertainment.

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