Bore snakes

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by stoatman, Jan 10, 2005.

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  1. Finally got around to buying one of these beauties - for those not in "the know", it's the world's ultimate pullthrough, with a pricetag to match (about 15 quid):


    It's a cord with a weight on one end, and then has a thicker bit with an integrated phosphor bronze brush. You put some solvent on the start of the thick bit, pull through, and that's it. A really skanky barrel might need 2 pulls. It's even machine washable. I'm never going back to a rod, brush & patches!!!
  2. What an excellent idea :lol:

    Where can one obtain such an item?
  3. Now all we need is a cleaning tool to make gas parts cleaning faster :roll:
  4. Acquire a cigarette tin from an ancient rat pack, or something of a similar size. Keep it 1/2 full of 009 or Hoppe's or something like that (not light wpns oil, that's got almost no cleaning properties). Strip wpn, deposit gas plug & cylinder in your little container, shake. Clean rest of wpn. Take gas parts out of solvent, wipe clean. Clean the inside of the gas plug with a cotton bud. A little reaming may be required around the gas holes & the bottom of the plug & inside the cylinder, but very little. Piece of p1ss. The rest of my guys used to wonder how I could clean my wpn so quickly whilst they were scraping stuff forever.... I did have to keep my secret bottle of 009 out of sight of the DS though... 8)
  5. I take my boresnakes to the range with me. I give the guns a good spray with some proprietary gun cleaner and run the boresnakes through. Then I give them a good going over later at my leisure.

    If you use jacketed bullets, you also need a bottle of household ammonia from Homebase. Run a piece of 4x2 through wet with ammonia to clean out all the copper that has accumulated in the rifling. You'll know you're getting somewhere when the swab comes out blue. The Homebse stuff is 9.5% concentration - I'd be grateful to hear if anything stronger is easily available.

    Make sure you get rid of all the ammonia from the weapon - it is quite aggressive on other things besides copper, I believe. Swab and swab again, and oil well.
  6. 8O

    I'll have to look around
  7. Hey Stoatman, is it long enough to get down the barrel of a rifle?
  8. Stoatman: What a brilliant idea - i shall give it a go! 8)

    By 009 do you mean Parker Hale 009?
  9. Yes, but make sure it's a 5.56 / 0.223 boresnake first :) :)

    If you're anywhere near Bisley, try the NSRA shop on camp (large concrete walled building, on the left after you get inside the gate and around the first bend). I think they sell them.

    Me, I use VFG cleaning patches; problem is that you need somewhere to carry a three-foot-long cleaning rod, so it's limited to barracks or vehicle use. But it's bloody fast, and damn effective. Tried it on my service rifle once, worked a treat.
  10. Yup. Basically any of that type of cleaner will work, 009 just smells the nicest! (Hoppe's & Young's 303 smell gopping).

    As for removing copper, you can't beat Sweet's Solvent (it's concentrated ammonia in a light oil. Works wonders!)
  11. Thanks Stoatman :lol: