Bore Snakes - Help me oh Lord Gun-Nerd(s)

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Bad_Crow, Nov 30, 2007.

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  1. My mates getting married and i refuse to get him a toaster, a microwave or anything that his mrs will like whatsoever.

    He's off on tour in the new year and I wanted to get him a useful pre tour prezzie but not anything obvious.

    Decided on A Bore snake. Questions?

    How Much?
    Where from?
    Whos best?
    How long do they last?
    (Do i get a few for 6 months etc)
  2. Here wouldn`t mind one myself he'll be chuffed to fcuk!
    Bore snake IW
  3. ok ill bite.. what the hell is a bore snake.
  4. ok that answered that,, get him one
  5. Fcuk sake. I've just been on that site seconds ago laughing at the "Buy a hand guard when you already have one for £300"
  6. yeah it reeks of walter! but I wouldn't mind one bore snake not the fake tats ffs! but 22 coins of the realm is a bit steep are they any good ?
  7. this is more boring than bore snake..
  8. You are a good mate.

    I can't think of a more suitable item to slip in your newly-wedded oppo's bag when he's off to foreign climes.

    You never know what he'll pick up out there but stuffing that down his japs eye should help clear it anyway.
  9. JINGO

    JINGO War Hero Book Reviewer

    To be fair mate we get issued them and they dont do what they say on the tin. Your better off with the issue pull through and a really big bit of 4 by 2. You know the kind it takes two of you to get through. Or does that upset your armourer too?
  10. I use one on my shot gun and my stalking rifle but never thought of using one on the SA80. They do a good job as a quick cleen but I prefer to give my barrels a proper clean. In the states they are about 1/2 the price that they are in the uk but then you have postage. you should expect to pay £15-£20 in the uk.

  11. They looked potentialy worth a wiggle, but 22 sheets is a bit pricey for something that isn't gonna do the job to the same standard as issued kit.

    I googled them, and you can get them for 15 quid from many sporting shops, but only in sporting guages, so don't know if there is some sort of military bore surcharge!!!

    Has anyone else used them? Is it worth mentioning them on the letter to Father Christmas?
  12. Shame that they're not iron-on Tatts; that could be a bit of a laugh :D
  13. There are bore snakes in most calibres, including ".223". They are fine if you get one slightly oversize.

    On old guns they are ok for a quick clean on the range, before you get home and do it properly. On modern guns with a lapped or coated bore, they work fairly well for a full clean. Bore-snakes have a loop at the end where you put your oversize flannelette for that 2-man pull and squeaky-clean finish....
  14. does seem a bit excessive, personally i've never found the issue pull to go too wrong! as long as the bore brush is fairly new, doesn't have the same effect when its gone fluffy! a 45 x 45 patch isn't big enough, theres almost no resistance as you pull that through!