Discussion in 'REME' started by Narcoleptic-Insomniac, Aug 11, 2008.

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  1. I'm looking for some helpful insight on Bordon.

    ie whats the area like? the MQs and facilities..shops, gym, pubs etc.
    what is it like to work there? what is the camp like?

    any info would be appreciated.

  2. Small town in Hampshire near birdworld,hope that helps.
  3. Gym is awesome well stocked. The spar is f@cking shocking, for some reason they think they can over charge when theres a Tesco outside of camp! Rooms are 4 man rooms, they are what you make them :p Which can be said about Bordon as a whole, it is what you make it ! ;)
  4. Some of the quarters are ok others not so good, certainly not that bad though. Bordon is home to the worst Tesco in britain, a somerfield and a lidl/aldi (cant remember which). There are not really any other shops of note, a half dozen and a post office near the somerfield. Bordon is the home to the greatest number of takeaways crammed onto one street in Hampshire.

    There are only a couple of pubs really The woodlands and the Woodlark. The Woodlands has karoke on a tues and gets quite busy usually very quiet at other times (never eat here). The woodlark is usually busy, ok for food and seems to be more popular with the local civpop (think the Slaters from eastenders but gobbier).

    Obviously being a squaddie town Bordon has the obligatory crap nightclub, its called Indigo's this week although changes quite often.

    I can't answer your question on what its like to work in Bordon as I have no idea what you do or where your going.
  5. not to mention the video shop where the old crusty woman softly whispered over the counter "we have a large selection of adult videos in the back...not softcore". Anti-Erection or what :(
  6. thanks for the info and advice, much appreciated.
    nice to know in reality, we're moving from one shithole to another! Thanks MoD!
  7. INDIGOS OOB at mo. who u going to ?
  8. kebabs known to man!
  9. Is the kebab van still going in the mudhole carpark? And let's be fair, the Q club was always going in and out of bounds on a weekly basis.
  10. The gym facilities are excellent, and that's about the only thing that passes the Sheep inspection.
    As has been said, four man rooms are terrible. The company, and therefore accomodation, you'll be assigned to will depend upon your trade. That is, if you're there for trade training.

    Permanent staff seem to be constantly on the look-out to give the trainees a bollocking. Looking for any excuse.
    You will, however, be issued with your very own Bordon Medal upon arrival, to wear with pride.

    Local pubs don't really exist, the NAAFI bar isn't too bad though. Lots of cretinous trainees belting out classics on Karaoke nights, top-notch entertainment. When I was there they'd started a cracking campaign to keep Phase 3 students away from Phase 2. Using that great Military logic they decided that although it was perfectly alright for Phase 2 and Phase 3 to sleep and live in the same room, there was no way on Earth they should be allowed to drink in the same bar.

    Q Club is the local hotspot, but literally everyone in there is a squaddie. Still, it's amusing to sit back and watch the kids start fights on pay day. Shit, sticky floor, rounded bar to keep the riff raff away from the employees and bouncers who will forcefully empty your pockets if they suspect you're under 18, and immediately call the guardroom to collect you if they find the incriminating evidence.

    Working day, for trainees, seems pretty average. Go to work, Naafi break, work, lunch break, work, Naafi break, work, knock off, drink to forget you're in Bordon, sleep.

    The area is good for running, one of the few things that kept me sane during my tenure there.

  11. Why do they need an excuse? It's their job!!!

  12. Ah, of course. I mistakenly believed that the permanent staff were there to maintain administration and discipline, as opposed to inventing rules to take away whatever little spare time the trainees had to themselves.

    Some of the policies were outrageous.
    With the introduction of PAYD, many younger trainees found it difficult to budget themselves to within their means, and to be able to afford to eat near the end of the month.
    No worries, the garrison introduced a "starving soldier" scheme, where credit could be earmarked and the soldier pay his debt come pay day. An easy solution, and one that many soldiers decided to take advantage of.
    The soldiers were then charged for failing to adequately manage their income.

    A fellow soldier was put in a room where none of the occupants were in possession of a key. The company office refused to provide one. When he managed to get hold of one he was told he was to have it copied at personal expense, and would be refused an expense claim, regardless of him being able to produce a receipt.
    He handed the key back, unwilling to pay for his own copy. He was subsequently charged for "insecurity of personal belongings."
  13. Many people have run foul of the AGAI fairy at bordon, he flies through the air dropping AGAI's on anybody he sees.
  14. Not just REME trades is it?

    You're right though.
    How could retention and recruitment be suffering with all these wonderful benefits?

  15. there is now a system to get keys cut, took ages to get it into the contract with the civvies so that shouldnt happen but it takes ages to get it done. agree though he shouldnt have been done for it.

    an as for agai fairy - doesnt stop at the cfn. not to long ago some tiffy students got done to ( lol )