Hi all I have just recently been posted to back to Bordon for my class 1 course. Last time I was there was as a singley and it was a good place for me to be, Takeaways , the Q club However I am now going back with a Wife and one of those small people, oh... you know.... KIDS! yeah one of them. Any way they would like to know about the married quarters, schools etc. All the things i never had to worry about during my last stay. So if any one there now or maybe just left could enlighten me we would be most greatful. We have looked into the schools via the Web but some first hand experience would be nice. Thanks very much
Yes I left Bordon in January of this year! Not alot to do there if you dont drive, smallish Tesco and small shopping centre called the forest centre. However, if you , or your wife can drive there is Portsmouth just 30 mins down the road, Guildford 30 mins the other way for shopping. There is a tescos extra in Potsmouth and in Camberley. The school is quite nice , both my kids went there, one in infants one in juniors ,and neither had any probs and really settled well. Or if your child younger the Chase centre at the school for mums and tots. Alot of people moan about Bordon but I liked it there, houses were nice , not huge but good enough and we had a garden so there is that. Loads of woods everywhere to walk in, which we did often having a dog. Post office in the forest centre and just down the road. The hardest thing I found was making friends cos everyone leavng and moving on all the time because it is a training camp.

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