Discussion in 'REME' started by fairyweather, Aug 25, 2013.

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  1. Week left of phase one and just wondered what bordons like to be at... whats the VM course like? Whats accomadation like these days? Things todo in the area etc.

    Cheers :)

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  2. If you have no car then Bordon offers limited entertainment, in fact it is more like being posted to an RAF station without the cinema etc. It's a great place to take up watercolour painting or stamp collecting.
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  3. You will get to know the TTA very well.
    A nice pie & coffee can be had at naafi breaks.
    Food at Prince Philip is ok.
    Spar may still be stocked with adult mags(was in 2010).
    Live the dream!
  4. They do have a very good gym there so before you head to the bar to get tanked up go there first.
  5. You cannot be being serious here! Prince Phillip is the worst food I have eaten in my career! I was in Bordon just last year, a lot has changed since I went through, including the course so you won't be there for much longer than a year maybe, food is crap, accommodation is worse, if your used to having hot water and radiators on during the winter months, keep your softie to hand for inside the block!
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  6. Oh Matron!!!
  7. I was there when they switched to PAYD and the quality dropped massively.
  8. Yes I was too, and the quality just kept dropping everytime I went back, I'm put off my meal as I walk through the door in that place just looking at the staff who work there!
  9. Luckily I spent a couple of years based in Aldershot so when it came to going back to do equipment courses and the like I just used one of the Landrovers and went back and forth every day. Far better than staying there!
  10. Outside the wire, it's pretty similar to Shameless but with Ooh-Arrh accents. Filming of 'CSI Bordon' got cancelled when they found there were no dental records and everyone had the same DNA.

    Get a car. Avoid Alton too.
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  11. From a post I placed some years ago:
    Post war Britain wanted to create a garden of England on the Surrey Hants border but first they had to relocate the pikey inbred trailer trash mongs, well that place was Bordon. Boring Bordon. REME on the outlook for a good cheap deal set up a training college there.;
    I arrived there in 1979, I hated the place for what it was but there is a direct line into London from Liss station. Use that and the Gymnasium facilities and you might have a passable experience there. Otherwise be prepared for the place to be staffed by bitter twisted ex ASMs that cannot wear their rank in civ strasse and passed over officers who's sole job is to dream up things for you to do in the limited time you have free of your course studies.
    Please prove me wrong someone, I don't want to shed so many bad memories of the place.
  12. Also at no time on prowler should you investigate the ISO container at the back of the sergeants mess, it certainly does not contain a comfortable selection of furniture which which you can have a nice relaxing sit down. Granted it has probably been cleared out by now.

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  13. From the sounds of it, I'm glad I never went there:|
  14. The trouble is that when I was there in 2006 they were still referring to it as a temporary accommodation because of the planned move to St Athans. Now I don't know when they first spun that line but I'm sure there will be people there years before me that were told the exact same, so no improvements to the accommodation happen because they will be moving from there, in thirty years.
  15. Drink and drink lots, it will help pass the time and prepare you for a posting to Germany.

    Oh and for some strange reason, Bordon houses the worlds largest collection of £250 fruit machines. STAY AWAY!