Bordon - what are your thoughts about the sunny place?

Discussion in 'REME' started by nitrox121, Jan 12, 2008.

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  1. just wondered what you lot think of SEME bordon?

  2. Its been a long time since my last visit, but as I recall, it's the same as most other REME major units. Bull***t, Bull***t and more of the same. Heaven for the RD muppets!!
  3. Yeh, about right from when I was last there, LOL... why you ask?
  4. Bordons a fantastic place if your perm staff, nice countryside, lots of takeaways, close to London. If your a trainee then things are cushty, most of the powers that be are so scared that you might report them for something that they pretty much leave you alone.
  5. There are too many youngsters there on the basic and tiffy courses, its like a kindergarten :wink:

    Not been back for 9 years now but it used to be great on the p*ss in Pompey and great kebab van in the carpark.
  6. You are there already, and have been for a while. Why do you want to know what other people think of somewhere?

    Go 'A' mech or you will develop a sore fanny in later life.
  7. If anywhere has more than 20 REME it has to be shite.
  8. Basic - Day one - so you're a Fatbadge/Wedgehead, get on guard (summer 89).

    Darkskinned Provo Sgt who told me not to nick the batteries out of the radios!!!!???

    Crash outs and only allowing the Marines to carry live ammo after a Tiffy had fired a live round through C Coy Accom doing a mexican unload in the block!!

    Being warned for orders along with 89 other Cfn for forgetting to"Sign for my duty" every four days.

    Being one of 119 members of night guard (I sh1t you not).

    Recy Mechs bouncing the Country Club, only to be seduced by Suzie Wong and Granny Green Teeth and the Grizzled Twins from hell.

    Basher Bates!!!

    The Screaming Skull doing dry skiing around camp.

    "Guarding" the quarters with a Pick Elf - thank FCUK PIRA never visited

    BFT - E and F sheds,, PTI only - E Sheds..bargain!

    The lovely and delicious "Pat"

    Class one - to follow
  9. Love you too ViolentBadger... :)
  11. Like I said IRON -119 - 90 odd Cfn and the rest Lance Jacks and Full Screws!!

    RSM S****R - testicles young man, testicles!!

    Feel the pain!
  12. I'm off there in a couple of weeks for a drinking....sorry equipment course.

    Can't wait for my first PAYD experience, but 3 weeks LSA will make up for it :D
  13. When do you go on your class 1 course, hear you need it :wink:
  14. Bordon:
    1979 great place to learn the cons, must have a life outside and not take Army too seriously. eg volunteer to clean out coy office on manpower pool so card can be removed for CSM duty roster, remember the card system chaps?
    What a fcuking place with the live sex shows on thursday in Martenique NAAFI
    1982 bit harder to con, RSM on the ball as were CSMs but still have a life outside, London etc just make sure your pal is taking the roll call and has a good excuse for absence.
    1985, bit more wedge as a fs but still got away for evenings and weekends RSM back to throbber mode with CSM to match. Dead easy to con.
    1987-88 Fcukin shiite, Work, work, more work, more responsability to coy HQ, lowest in the mess, no time to go to London at night, working most weekends all concessions to pads (not unusual there) RSM throbber CO throbber CSM throbber bad vibes altogether.
    92-93 here"s your room Mr *********, great to see you again and to think I remember you 12 years ago.
    Bordon was one of the places hard to avoid, all that had to be done was to find a way to work around the petty approach of the PS (many of whom did not want to be there) It was in a shiite location but probably had everything a born again REME soldier wanted. I was not that soldier. 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)
  15. The screaming skull was a few years earlier,RSM W*****.
    I remember them both with vile disgust.