Bordon; The Country Club

Discussion in 'REME' started by OMD80, Nov 23, 2006.

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  1. Who is old enough to remember? What do you remember?

    I remember around 1987 (OK I’m am old git) some stripers did a show, they dragged me out and I sat there like some sought of T#at with a beaver looking me in the face. Of course now I would have stuck my face straight in and would have had a blinding time. But Shite I was only 18 and thought I was as hard as FCUK, the reality of it was I didn’t have a glue. Better than staging on….Yer!
  2. A fine establishment - nice decor, nice girls, nice dancefloor.
    Or was I so drunk everytime I went that it just seemed that way???

    I went back in there on my Tiffy course in 1998 - same furniture as in 1986!!
    same girls too - but a lot uglier the second time...
  3. Basics 87-88, "Peroxide" Pat, what a lady, a Corps legend if there ever was!
    Upgraders 93, It had been renamed the "St-Lucia House"
    but I still call it by the name I was told
  4. I went in there while on my SMC and referred to it as the "Pig-Pen". The landlady near ripped my head off. I must have touched a nerve.

    Happy days on basic course though down there watching the (ahem) classy strippers - some of them with their own teeth!!!
  5. peroxide pat!!what a fcuking pig! :omg:
  6. i remember going there in 1993/1994 and having a stripper stand on the wooden bench and rub her cl*t on my nose. i can still smell the baby lotion to this day.........
  7. The Pig Pen – I’d forgotten they called it that. I remember I scored one night and was woken up by her 7-year-old daughter, who was asking her mother for breakfast. I shit a brick, made my excuses and left all within 20 seconds. It was a whole month before I went back just before I was posted Phew…
  8. 1st entered pig pen in 85. what an establishment!! met maxine and pat.
    Then in 90 1st class one course. met maxine and pat.
    then in 92 2nd class one course. found out maxine was married to someone on the course. pat was tea lady in gen eng wing.
  9. Don't know any of them places you mention but I do remember the Big 'E'. I wonder if it's the same place with a new paint job? That was Sep76 though.

    There used to be an old boy with the bratty wagon down the street, you could get a plate of bratties chopped up and sauce with a wedge of homemade bread, went down a treat after a night on the pish.

    I heard they knocked the old block down and rebuilt it some time after that, there's also a famous glassblower lives in Bordon.
  10. Swampy, the Big E was gone when I returned to Bordon in '86. The garrison Med Centre is now on that plot.
    The big Naafi has gone too, along with the concrete 'rabbit hutch' quarters. The estate is a big civvy housing plot now. You are missing nothing by not returning :)
  11. heh.

    Thanks for the update Nige, good job I cancelled the return tour then :)

    I was amazed, though -when I eventually got to Fally (where no birds sing and then realised that the Queen had saved me for something special) and staggered back from the Wee house at the crossroads, hard targetting lest I be seen by mad-dog ColdCreams and beaten to a pulp, that the bratties never did taste the same as what that old boy at Bordon used to sell.

    Went back in 81 for me 1st class and never did remember to ask the feller where he got them cos I was already drunk at the time and always forgot to ask like how I was concentrating more on staying upright heh heh.

    Nice old feller though, some faces you don't forget eh. Wonder if he survived options for change.

    ps - I only knew one REME Nige and his surname started with 'M' and ended with 'W', he was well into 'Queen' and shared it with everyone LOUD, living in at 47 in Gut, I was block nco. If you are he, hit me up eh.
  12. Frequented the Big E during my time there in 77/78; what a place, as famous as Pothoffs in Detmold!!!
  13. Fookin' 'ell Swampy, I'd nearly forgotten that old boy - very nourishing after a few. Also in Fally meself in the 70's and frequented the Wee House on a few occassions. One night I remember a nob from 3RTR going in and asking for a "half a Lancer and chips", looking round he realised the place was full of 9/12 blokes.... see the tankie run!!!
  14. See, I said he had one of them faces you don't forget, like the dinner lady at school that used to ask you 'peas or beans love? and because of her menacing proportions and she's within arms reach, you just answer 'whatever's easiest for you Misses.

    Maybe it's the food > image link in your brain, you never forget the face that feeds you heh heh

    and the old boy used to ask if you want knackwurst or (?), was it bratty? maybe you remember. Wonder where he used to get them though. I've just recently returned to somewhere hot & steamy but during the UK trip we used to get something resembling the Bordon bratty man's wares at either Lidl or Audi, I think it was.

    One of these days I'm gonna get a machine and have a go at making some meself. Plenty of herbs and horses out here -anyone remember Cowboy coming out with 'and now from a bratwurst stand somewhere in Westfalia - Red Rum! This is your life!'

    I remember Bordon always seemed like it was run by ex-REME blokes heh

    The next village was a place called Sheet.

    Know why? It's cos if you drive through it too quick you say 'sheet, I missed it' -I can't write that without attributing it to the originator; Mr Gunn (a fellow gun plumber).

    We had a jock lad in our room, lecky type, we didn't know he was epileptic. One night (must have been the exitement of the end of the week) he threw one and we all thought he was fcuking about at first till he started frothing.

    Some cnut suggested getting a spoon in his mouth cos he'd seen it on Ward 10 so he did, what a laugh afterwards when we realised what Titch the PTI tawt was doing with the scrubbing brushes and string; he said he was trying to tie them on jocks' extremities and said he planned to throw him on the washrooms floor with some deepio and let him go.

    Never a dull moment eh.