Bordon Move

Heard a few duty remours that seme is on the move sooner or later.
Well to add to it to: whilst on course at Bovington armour centre, was told they are expecting our phase two and three training to get conducted there. mint
spaz said:
St Athen 2015, well until it slips to the right again.
If the new Govt ratify the Metrix deal, SEME will (barring slippage) decamp to the new College at St Athan around 2014. However, to make way for Gordon's new Eco-town, they will also have to declare surplus Hogmoor Enclosure and the Slab - home of TVDT and RecyMech. It is the latter 2 units that will have to up sticks to Bovvy. Albeit an unaffordable exercise for MOD, wider Govt (Labour) initiatives take precedence - i.e. MOD budget loses. What a fcuking mess, why is nobody surprised?
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