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Discussion in 'REME' started by mcvicar, Sep 29, 2009.

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  1. Just trying to find out how far it is between SEME and Louisburg Barracks. Basically, do I need a car to get between accomodation and course or is it walkable?
  2. Get yourself a push bike, only 5 minutes.
  3. No you don't need a car 5-10min walk.
  4. 3 minute run !!
  5. I don't know what the distance is but we used to march from Martenique Barracks every morning. A little further than Louisberg just to attend muster parade.
  6. 0.65 miles from Louisberg to the TTA.
  7. Thanks for that spazzo, I will put that in my diary for the next time I go to Bordon.
  8. Was there week before last, you won't be allowed to gat a car into PPB or the TTA. You will have to walk it. It's not far.
  9. See earlier post. Sazzo reckons its only about 0.65 miles. Is that From the front gate or the first block on the left?
  10. Gate to gate. Shorter if you cut across the grass at the bottom of Budds lane.
  11. "Get off the grass you orrible little men" !! I recall the days of being in Martinique many many years ago & cutting through the woods to get to the TTA. Bordon a wonderful experience, not to be missed.

    Mind you after all those years my mind may be slightly gone - now where was I ?, who am I/ oh boll*cks ramble ramble.

  12. Maybe but it takes a mere 37 seconds by large gaudily painted circus cannon and you don't have to worry about a vehicle pass.
  13. try using a time portal transportation device, that way you can bypass the guardroom and the walk. and set off late every morning and get into work early. All round winner.
  14. Happy days in Martinique on upgrading and specialist courses in the 70's.

    I can remember a provo Cpl by the name of Gillander, I think I have spelt it right.

    He was a right B******