Borderline Boilers

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by JesterRIP, Aug 30, 2009.

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  1. Apologies if something similar has been posted before, but if not here it is...
    It seems to me there's a pool of famous ladies out there that don't really catch the eye as such, and yet when faced with extreme boredom on a Sunday and you're watching TV and the BT ad with Jayne comes on, you start thinking "I would you know..." (ensuring no reaction that would alert the sixth sense of the missus). So I thought I'd start the ball rolling.

    Lorraine Kelly:




    Jayne (BT Ads - Played by Esther Hall):


    Fern Britton:


    It became apparent when googling Esther Hall that she seems to have plenty of snaps knocking about on the tinternet with her norks out...
    I think I went a bit too far with Fern, but hey-ho - over to you!
  2. You have doubts?
    I would happily walk barefoot over broken glass for a crack at any one of them!
  3. Search for:
    Women you fancy but shouldnt

    its a feckin goldmine of MILFS, GILFS and other celebrity type women that you should not fancy but strangely do. :headbang:

  4. Christine, The One Show.
  5. Ah seen and noted! Thought that would have been in naafi bar? Always makes me chuckle that abbrv - GILF :D In Roger's profanisaurus (this month's Viz) there's now a PWILF too. Although I've never been one for preggers women myself...
  6. Thought that stood for Pads' Wife I'd like to Ferk :twisted:
  7. :D
    But for every 'military' PWILF, there's at least two that are the wrong side of the quality line, enough to put you off chips anyway - what is it with fekkin leggings covering (or attempting to cover up) arrses like two planets colliding in a pair of apple-catchers?
  8. More than exceeds "minimum reqs"...probably quite grateful for the attention.....
  9. I do worry about you Jester.....
  10. Hmm,

    There was me thinking it was just me who had a little thing for Esther Hall from the BT ads, there is just something about her that gives me the horn. She looks different in the old pics and footage and that dont quite do it the same. I wonder if she uses her really fast broadband for some camfrog action ;-) LOL, best stop dreaming and get back to work.
  11. These little badgers get me going in a morning!

    Sian Williams


    Susanna Reid


    Lucy Verasamy

  12. Absolute Babe

  13. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator


    Probably not borderline as Amanda has superb funbags.
  14. Ah hello Kes - how did the Jump go?

    Were you substantially terrified? I've just come back from Portugal, where I kept trying to get on the parasailing, but it was too windy out there (H&S red tape strikes again). Still, we managed a bit of speedboating!

    Anyway, back on subject - here's a borderline boiler me and my best mate spent the best part of a decade debating during the 'Men Behaving Badly' days of the 1990's... Caroline Quentin, AKA Dorothy.

    Would you? (blokes I mean, not you Kes)

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