Anyone else playing this game? What do you think of it?
Hired it from Blockbusters today to have a looksee. As per usual for rpg's its a bit slow to start and it looks like its another of your usual do one quest after another type of routine. I'll give it a bit longer and see but I think I'll be glad I didnt buy it outright straight away.
I find that if you try some of the missions too early, you don't have the firepower/shields to survive. It sort of makes you follow a loose trail to upgrade and level up gradually. Fun so far, but I am glad it was a present rather than having paid for it.
Bought it for £15 in the sales, and I must admit its a very enjoyable game.

The graphics are impressive as they have a unique highly detailed cartoon quality to them.....hard to describe, but the youtube link shows them well.

All in all, good fun.
The first playthrough was a bit too easy, the second is getting a bit more hairy towards the end (80% through soloing a soldier). Apparently it is the third playthrough where it becomes difficult.

Played the new DLC last night with 3 mates - it's amusing, but hardly worth £6, even with a bank.
Must admit, it is much more fun as a co-op game.
Been playing this for a bit now but having some real drama's trying to host a co-op game! I just can't seem to get it to work. I am generally OK working my way around PC problems but I really don't have much of a clue when it come to networking in any shape or form.

I am running it through a Netgear DG834G ADSL modem / wireless router, I have setup port forwarding for all the relevant ports that I can find out about (can't remember them off the top of my head). Router is setup as DCHP server as I have 1 desktop (wired) 3x laptops (wireless) and a Wii (wireless) that all connect through it.

I have tried turning off NAT and / or the routers firewall but when I do that I loose all internet connectivity! Can anyone help me out here, I am obviously missing something.


*edit due to spaz typing)
I am unable to host (shitty sub 2Meg conn - too far from the exchange), so I have a mate to host for us. He has to set up the ports, then start a public game, then close it down. Only then can he host a private game.

Apparently Gameranger can sort it all out automatically for you.

The Steam forums have loads on this.
Thanks, Ill have a look at those. I have a mate that can host aswell but he has to unplug his router and wire direct to his modem to do it. His missus isn't too happy about him doing it too much though haha
I'm dragging this old thread out of the mire because I could find a more recent one on Borderlands 2, though I was convinced we had one at some point.

I've had the game a while but used the Steam sale to get all the DLC packs on the cheap. I know ringdoby treated himself to the game while it was down to £6 this week but I'm wondering if anyone else did as I'm looking for some co-op. In all the time I've played BL1 and 2 I've never actually had a co-op game and feel like I'm missing out!

I've got a lvl 49 commando on a True Vault Hunter Mode play-through, plus a new Mechromancer at lvl 12 and some other newly-started toons around lvl 5. If you're not in the Steam group already, get involved and add me, Bruxy. I need to try out my new SwordSPLOSION shotgun in anger. It fires swords that explode into three more swords. Which also explode.
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