Border Police Needed

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by armies, Jul 4, 2007.

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  1. Not sure if this has been mentioned before, but after all the talk of it, isnt it time the UK created a national border police?

    It gets discussed in the Commons, but never seems to really get anywhere.

    I think it should have been done years ago...maybe now a little too late?

    Plus I dont see how paying £ 80 odd quid for an ID card would help with solving terrorism.
  2. I think ID cards will be more than £80, but you can recruit me anytime for a border police type job..... The English Channel is no longer enough!
  3. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    There are three orgainisations which work very closely, and which have a broad spectrum of powers guarding the borders. These are the Police - usually Special Branch (but there are also Port and Airport Police Forces), The Immigration and Nationality Directorate of the Home Office, and HM Revenue and Customs. Each of these organisations is accountable to different bodies (and ultimately to Parliament).

    Every now and again, the government reviews if these organisations are working as well as they might, or if they should be replaced by a single force.

    If you were to have a single force, you would need to replicate the powers that each of the current bodies have, and place them in the hands of a single body. When you bear in mind the sometimes draconian powers that each of these bodies has (rights of entry/search etc), it might be deemed to be politically unacceptable for one body to have all of those powers. The level of accountability would also be affected. Additionally, the costs of transition would be enormous. You only have to look at the creation of SOCA from the NCIS and HMRC-NIS.

    In other words, I wouldn't hold your breath looking for a single border agency.

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  4. Here in the USA we "reorganized" the Customs and immigration services, with disasterous results. Would you be thinking of something like the German Bundesgrenzschutz?
  5. I expect be called a treacherous Eurocommie etc etc, but there should be a single Europe-wide border gendarmerie- by the time they're crossing the channel, it's too late.

    I know Greece quite well, and around the north, you always see border gendarmes setting up sudden checkpoints, boarding coaches etc, looking for illegals from the former Eastern Bloc and Middle East. Lots of fast patrol boats zipping up and down the coastline too, doing the same thing matelot-style.

    The areas of operation would be:
    1) the Med, from N Africa, sharing responsibility with Spain, Italy etc
    2) the forests of Eastern Poland (perhaps mounted gendarmes?)
    3) the Balkan overland route from Turkey through Bulgaria etc.
  6. Yes Please. Could not agree more. I want immigration to this country. I just want it to be legal.

    Somebody mentioned the Bundesgrenschutz. Now THERE was a tasty bunch, unafraid of a bundle, and often used as Riot Police at big events. Might have been my imagination but I am sure they were all over 8 foot 6. 8O
  7. I think you're right Heed, and most of them made Arnie S look like a 7 stone weakling. Met the guy who set up and ran GSG9 for anti terrosrit work. What a guy!!!

    In fact, if I remember correctly you could even at one time in BRD do your national service in BGS ... so long as they were prepared to accept you!! ... Their barracks in Goslar was an eye opener ... more kit than an Inf Bn!!!!!
  8. Treacherous Eurocommie
  9. Ho Hum :roll:
  10. While I'd love to see a UK Border Police set up in the BGS image - I'm not going to hold my breath.

    Lets face it: the government won't spend enough money on the Armed Forces, so what do you think the chances are of Broon coughing up for a shiny new paramilitary border force?

    Exactly. :x

    So the "best" we can hope for is re-branding exercise; the existing agencies get a sexy new name, uniforms etc.

    Makes you proud to be British, does'nt it? :evil:
  11. Already done from 1 Apr 07 Border and Immigration Agency part of the Home Office
  12. We're dooooooomed.
  13. Unfortunately this post is probably absolutely right. Our politicians ( sorry for the bad language) are much more interested in the sound bite and looking like they're doing something than they are in actually doing it!!

    I despair of any common sense initiatives ever seeing the light of day .... and as for actually controlling the borders!!!! What do we think this is .... a sovereign state or something????

    And don't you dare be proud of anything ... that's a hate crime against muuulticuuultural diversiteeeeee!!! :evil: :evil: :evil:
  14. Probably as much use as a chocolate teapot BUT...what about the E-Petitions site?

    Set up a e-petition for a REAL Border Force, preferably based on BGS. Encourage ARRSE members to sign. Leak it to the Press - if it works for the fcuking politco's, we can use it as well.

    No guarantees of course, but better than nothing.
  15. Yes and if about 2 million sign it, it will be ignored just like the rest of them.