Border controls?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Fuchs66, Mar 16, 2004.

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  1. With the events in Spain in mind does anyone here know what the border controls are like on the French German border at the moment, I ask because I've got to transport a rather sensitive load (legal I may add) from France to Germany and just want to be prepared if the chances are high that I'll be sat in a Frog/German cell until they finally realise that it is Kosha. :D
  2. Just buy your porn from Germany, probably save you a few Euros too as well as saving you the journey. :oops:
  3. :D good one but it's more sensitive than that and very relevant to the current situation can imagine that they'd lock me up first and ask questions after :? if u read my earlier postings on other forums and put 2 and 2 together you might get a rough idea of what I mean
  4. Walter, if that is indeed what you do for a living then I am sure you will have the relevant contacts / paperwork to justify your sensitive load.

    Seems like a rather strange question to ask on here???
  5. Just curious and yes I do to both questions. I just have a feeling people are a bit jumpy at the moment. From what I've heard we're getting a Gendarmerie escort to the border anyway so should be ok on that side. I thought maybe someone has been through the border recently (post Madrid) and could give me an update as to the situation there.
  6. Zulus. Thousands of them.

    They've got the streets lined with rabid moles and genetically modified aardvarks also. The only way past is to go through naked. That way the aardvarks can check you've not got anything nasty strapped on. The moles do the more intimate checks.

    You can pre-order your cavity search at the Channel ports. Any HM Customs officials will be pleased to service you.
  7. :D and I thought it would be a boring trip

    ok ok I get the hint I'll just have to see how it goes, must remember not to wear my Shemagh and shave my beard off before I go :?
  8. Fuchs66 you are a crazy walt really arent you, why the **** would you be on this forum asking questions like this. Its not like chemical agents are transported like fridges, cars, food etc - or in your world is it just you sat in a van with all your anthrax in the back. Bet you wear an NBC suit while driving dont you, you probably have a GPMG under your seat as your the sole defender of all the lethal chemicals your transporting - and every bad guy from all the Bond films are after you......... :roll:
  9. Sorry didnt realise we had an expert here, and how in your opinion are such items transported? If you know so f*****g much about my job you can enlighten me.
    I didnt say I was transporting agents and I wouldnt say exactly what I'm transporting on here. Plus exact locs and timings are my business but I'll take me digi cam with me might post some as soon as I'm back. I've got the information I need now anyway so cheers for nowt.
  10. Your response tells me you clearly are a fcuking walt, if your going to lie at least make an effort. Did you post this thread for attention? A cry for help? Get a life you sad tw*t
  11. OK if I'm making this up put your money where your mouth is €1000 says I'm not bluffing :D
  12. I deal only in good British stirling, none of your foreign muck
  13. ok 1000 pounds stirling its just more profit for me :D
  14. Ask a silly question......

    No, but seriously... :? Blimey, some mother do 'ave 'em. Anyway, whilst I'm on, can any one tell me whether they are doing under car checks in Germany at the moment as my mate is clinging on to my exhaust and I don't really want him to get discovered.... :wink:
  15. Obviously was a silly question seemed sensible at the time 8O still no take up on the bet yet but I live in hope :D