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  1. Today went and saw 'Borat' or, as it might conceivably be re-named, Naafi Bar the Movie. Personally, laughed so much that at times it hurt. Any other opinions?

    I must admit the bit where Borat and his producer wrestle naked went on a bit too long for me and there were some agonisingly embarrassing bits (the Souther dinner party?). That said, I thought it a couple of hours well spent.
  2. Those were the best two bits!

    The best bit for me (im giggling now) was the part with the bear and the chimes with the kids running after the Ice-Cream van.
  3. I saw it last night, with my feminist girlfriend, and my Christian/American housemate - surprising the American girl thought it was great and laughed all the way through it, although my girlfriend wasn't too impressed.

    I thought it was brilliant, and some of the jokes definetly reminded me some of the laughs I used to have with the lads.
  4. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    bin the bird...