Boozy Dutch street cleaners: FAO Sluggy

I love the way Rene is devoted to alcohol and not addicted to it.

Ferry ticket booked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think it's a cracking idea. I somewhat resent the idea that people who are alcoholic through their own choice can claim extra money to fund their self inflicted "disablity"

If they can do something useful then lets' get cracking


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It will take at least 4 weeks in Croydon!!
But what if the clean up what they throw away in the evenings?
Work, Drink, Free Food and more drink this could catch on with the Chavs!!
Yep, all except for the 'work' bit.
Yep, all except for the 'work' bit.
Eventually, the whole 'if yous don't work, you's get no booze' thing will eventually sink in and they will get grafting.

Assuming serious changes to the benefits system come into effect.
Fantastic idea.

What about cunts like me, I'm not an alky but can I do a shift on a Friday to save me paying for my weekend bevvy?


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as long as it doesn't have to be declared on their benefits sheet

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