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Well at least he's normal enough to enjoy a drink now and again. I think he was fully entitled - not only did he have a raving loony living next door, but he had a very ugly wife indeed. I'd need more than a couple of pints before covering that one.....


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Yes, he had to drink because life was so tough you know. Actually, he's the victim, not the troops he sent to war without the kit they needed, nor the Iraqis on the receiving end of that 'regime change', or the tax-payers who have to fund it. It must have been really hard for him, telling all those lies and eating Bush's shit.

I'm choc-a-block full of sympathy for the guy, really. He deserves a medal he does, and perhaps that's why the septics gave him one.

If this comes across as a little insincere, well, that's the kind of guy I am.
... He deserves a medal he does...
Don't worry Biped, I'm sure he'll have enough money from his grubby little book to buy his own now that the BBC have given him millions of pounds worth of free advertising. :roll:
A ****'s Julep?
But he's not even a very good drinker - "even half a bottle of it [wine]"! Half a bottle of vodka and he would be a boozer.

Alcoholic walt :)
As has been said, he had good enough reason to hit the bottle when you think of the creatures around him. I heard him on the radio this morning describing Cyclops as "essentially my No 2". True though that was, this admission will not have gone down well in Hull, where Lord Lardarse of the Pies, who exhibited a touching (and unique) belief in the validity of his 'job' as DPM, will be dost mispleased.

Incidentally, one or two of my lady friends who have had the dubious pleasure of meeting Tone have commented on his huge hands - a sure sign, I'm archly told, of his having (as well as being) a big prick. Could this possibly account for the width and peculiar shape of La Cherie's oral orifice? I think we ought to be told (and we probably will, in due course).
If I'd been the Prime Minister at that time I think I would have done more than hit the bottle.

Some of the posters on this site are full blown alcoholics after spending a couple of months on exercise in BAOR.
When Bliar called Gordy his "number two", he meant of course that he was a complete shit.
Admitting to an error: the ban on foxhunting.

Regrets: Not being firmer with Gordon.

I haven't had such a good laugh since that Sinn Fein councilor whinged about nasty, rough people leaving a bomb in his village.

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