Booze Cruise to France

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by wm1965, Jan 20, 2012.

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  1. Does anyone still do this or is it uneconomic these days?
  2. This from P+O
    day trip offer

    Take a day trip to Calais from £19!

    If you're planning a day trip to France in the next couple of weeks we've got a fantastic promotion for you! You'll not only get a discounted day out in France and receive 6 FREE bottles of Gallo Wine (red, white or rosé), but you'll also receive a voucher entitling you to a 'buy one get one free' English Breakfast or Fish & Chips in our onboard Food Court. All this from just £19 Sunday, Monday and Friday and £24 Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday, for a car and up to 9 people.

    Don't delay, book this special offer, and travel, by Tuesday 28th February 2012.

    Not so bad if you live on the South coast I guess.Probably not worth it if you live a long way North.
    Plus HMRC where getting very arrsey about white vans filled to the roof with booze and fags for "personal consumption" IIRC there was some EU ruling saying they should not get arrsey but this did not seem to stop them.
    If you go could you bring me back 12 tins of the Auchan brand confit du canard?
  3. Twice a year,use tesco tokens to pay for the tunnel.Mrs tsnm drinks fizzy wine and I get the carrefour own red,both about a quid a bottle.St Omer 500ml cans x24 is about a tenner.We get there,trolley dash,get an earlier train than booked,get home get pished.
    You need to get a bit to make it worth while,Mrs tsnm reckons we save about £500 a year.
  4. put yourself down for a fire nco cse at manston and pop over at the weekends,the only reason anyone would want to go near the ****hole.
  5. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    God, I do hate poor people.

    On a lighter note, anyone bought one of the new Thomas Pink Harris tweed jackets? I have the one in dark moss with the pink detail around the collar. The psycho killer says it is over done and showing side. But I am very fond of it and feel it will wear down nicely in a year or two.
  6. Imagine a nightclub with around 3 chicks in and 50 blokes with utter bone music. That's your booze cruise. It's fucking shit.
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  7. Check the various prices in Belgium and the Netherlands before going to France I seem to remember Belgium being much cheaper for fags than France. Being a walk on passenger going from Hull to the Netherlands you can save loads buying tobacco on board the ship (you wont be able to sell it on as the price is about the same as what smugglers sell it for).

    Sometimes booze sold in Tesco is cheaper than the deals you get abroad (loss leaders).
  8. Does that bobble as badly as cashmere?
  9. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    That is the second time you have posted at exactly the same time as me. Can we cut through the stalking bit and just get down to shagging? You can be Mummy or Daddy. It all comes down to the same thing in the end.
  10. It would seem it still makes sense then (I'm returning to southern Blighty in 4 months). I don't go as far as hiring a white van but am willing to risk buggering the rear axle/springs.

    I had a quick Google and a website says you can go on Majestic's website and pre-order but no such luck when I had a quick look.

    As an aside I know Dave West as an acquaintance when I used to briefly pop in for a drank in his bar/club/den. He was one of the most successful (and colourful) Brit owners of booze cruise supermarkets in France. He now sits in his three-storied bar called Hej Joe on Jermyn Street and fills it with East European girls whom he orders around via radio while also flouting the smoking ban. Nothing, ever, can prepare you for heinousness of decor in that place. Oh, and it's always empty.
  11. Normal supermarket price for 50g of Drum is €5.30 (£4.29 according to a currency converter online) or you can buy a 190g pot of L&M tobacco for €15 (around 12 quid). Then look at the UK price of Drum at £14.48 (€17.88) for 50g. Me and a mate who lived in England once reckoned he could save all of his Eurostar costs and save money on an overnight stay at Spa (since the rail travel to anywhere in Belgium via the national rail, not Thalys, is free with the Eurostar ticket) for him and his missus by bringing back a kilo each. Have a day out, visit your local Colryut, save money (if you live close to London, of course. Doing Squeezyjet would cut your costs a bit).

    Worth looking into, especially the ferry