Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Rockhopperst4, Feb 15, 2008.

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  1. Sorry guys, another one of my bone kit questions!

    I'm supposed to take two pairs of broken in boots on my part 1c course in two weeks time, trouble as after being in for 18 months now they still havent managed to issue me any in my size. I have one issued pair which are too big plus another pair that i bought myself that fit perfectly.

    Question is - am i actually going to need two pairs of boots that fit?
  2. My god, where are you the Moon, what excuses have your Chain of Command given for no boots in your size?
  3. No, flip flops will be fine.

    Seriously - think about the question you just asked, think about what your going to do, then get your self off to the stores. If they want you in their unit, then they'll give you the right kit.
  4. Beaten to it!!
  5. Bring the ones you bought and change the ones that are the wrong size for the part one youll be mostly in one pair anyways
  6. Swapping them is all good in theory but i'm specialist TA or whatever its called at the moment and the clothing store is never open when i go to Chilwell despite me going there one weeekend for a pre aranged apointment with them only to find that the clothing man had been off sick for months and no one else has a key for the store!

    Its not that they don't have my size, its just that my admin people don't appear to be able to organise it.

    No one answers the phone and emails appear to be ignored.

    Maggs, thats my plan really although i might pop down the surplus shop tomorrow and see i i can get another pair of decent 10L's
  7. I'm trying to keep my blood pressure down, not at you. Please speak to your Tp Sgt/SSgt or Officer as soon as possible and highlight this problem, there is no excuse for you not having boots that fit. I'm up at Chilwell soon, I'd love to know who is responsible :x
  8. are you from nottingham? if you are then i have a pair of 10L in my garage you can have
  9. Leave the unit mate. Simple as.

    Join one that won't waste your time.

    If you don't hand your kit in now, you will a year down the line anyway.
  10. msr

    msr LE

    Is your mail getting through?

  11. The foods not bad, but we have to pay in advance for it.
  12. Thanks for the offer squigeypie, i managed to get a nice pair from Anchor in Ripley.

    I suppose its partly my fault for not pushing it as much as i should have but we don't have drill nights and the only time i get to go to Chilwell is for medicals etc which tend to be on Saturdays when the clothing store is always shut.

    I've also left it a little late to get them broken if for next weekend!
  13. Start walking with a limp and take the Army to task for lots of compensation due to non available correct size footwear! Lots of no claim, no fee, solicitors out there will snap this sort of business up.
  14. no probs, are you in the engineers by the way?
  15. Indeed, 65 wks group. Don't know which STRE yet, i'll get posted to one after i finish 1C.