Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by leguy, Jul 19, 2007.

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  1. hello
    Im to going harrogate in january (on the reserve list for september), and ive got some spare cash, i was wondering is it worth buying some good boots? Ive heard the issues aren't very good is this true?

    thanks in advance
  2. You won't be allowed to wear non-issue at Harrogate anyway AFAIK. You will be given a kit list. It IS comprehensive and if you stick to it you can't go far wrong. A little later in training you might be allowed to start adding a little non-issue here and there, but it won't be for a while.

    For the moment just chill out and do everything you can to prepare yourself physically. If you're really worried about feet/boots etc. Then getting a pair of sorbothane or (if you're feeling loaded:) custom insoles is a good move, as is buying a pair of issue boots and thoroughly breaking them in before you start.

    Good Luck Laddie, You'll do fine.
  3. cheers, i did think that just wernt very sure
  4. what about the "gore tex pro boots" they are identical to issued boots on the outside except gore tex lined
  5. na, id rather just leave it..instead of a beasting off my DS, if he finds out
  6. they arent identical....they look less obvious than lowas for example but any seasoned corporal could spot them a mile off. a senior tom could too!

    best advice.... deal with what you are given, like the rest of them, everyone will have blisters. if you have gucci boots someone might resent you and think that you think you are better than them. knuckle down and try not to draw attention to yourself. be humble but do not fade into obscurity. youll be fine. good luck

    are these atchually legit?? because i cant track down them on internet sites...

    also what i get away with them during phase 1 or should i just wait till phase 2... they are issued to special forces arent they not average squaddie.. am i correct in stating that?

    i have a pair by the way:p and was told by the sgt who interviewed me that they would be fine. they look same no real difference. just i like dry feet:p

    the ankle builders in the insoles are SH1T3 i must warn though. 1st walk in them i was left with 2 massive blisters on heesl of my feet which still hasnt got 3 weeks later.
  8. issued to everyone who goes cold weather tours. if you step in a puddle shin deep you get wet feet still. and it takes forever to dry out... longer than your issued ones i might add.

    most people get non issue boots to look ally, my lowas are strictly for posing, not to keep my feet dry in the tank park! :D
  9. haha, tart:p i dont intend to go shin deep if avoidable:p well if my gore tex's get wet n take a wile 2 dry:p stick the issued on:p

    what the link i sent you are the real 1's as surplus stores do not sell them particular 1's.. the only gore tex label is inside which is good atchually:p but i doubt authenticity.. any1 shed any light
  10. save your money, get em issued, if you want gucci boots (which you quite clearly have your heart set on) then save up for a decent set of matterhorns, lowas or altbergs. because they arent free on issue.

    seriously though stay away from non issue boots during training. itll only cause you unwanted attention
  11. okie dokie, i already have them gore tex's. nothing to do with having 1 up on somebody else but my previos boots was magnums, and they waterproof resistance of them annoyed me thats why i went for them gore tex also picked them up for aorund £21 off e-bay

    so phase 2 i can ware gucci yes?

    off/on topic cant be bothered to start another thread... are we issued them ripstop combat jackets are do we get smocks

    does it all go down to regiment/avalibilty/ ATR

    im going bassingoburn as REME/RLC(grade dependant)
  12. yh cheers for every1s reply's
    i dnt mind wearing issues, it was just an enquiry
  13. just passing on advice fella, we had a lad tip up with all his own green kit, the cpls thought he was a bellend immediately, dont try to be a professional soldier unless you are one. cadets dont count.

    as for issue, you will get bog standard army issue 95s (ripstop jackets) everyone will be at the same level and uniformed. which is the whole reason behind it.... if you all look the same then you all are neat, all work as a team and everyone is equal.

    jay you strike me as an ex cadet, no dramas about that but take some advice from someone who also was an excadet... forget everything. start fresh. the same lad i was on about earlier had a voice of opinion on everything, he tried correcting the cpl on most things and was shot down tremendously everytime. no matter how much you think you know forget it. i cant emphasise this enough
  14. The only boots you will be permitted to wear during Phase 1 and 2 will be issued combat highs, end of.

    There is actually not much wrong with them, as long as they're maintained and polished. The main reason for their bad publicity is that recruits just arnt used to anything other than trainers and consequently during the progressive combat endurance training at phase 1, most young lads and lassies feet get cut to ribbons.

    Occasionally you will get a duff pair, for example a couple of months ago I was issued a new set and the heels disinegrated after a week!

    Plus in my experiance all singing all dancing gore tex lined arnt really all they're cracked up to be. (Although my missus swears by her Pro boots.) If you have to jump in a river during an exercise the water will simply come over the tops and take a hell of a lot longer to dry. Whats more effective are gaiters and gore tex socks (which you will be issued free of charge).

    Dont wear the gore tex socks untill the boots are wet. Put on a dry pair of socks then put the gore tex over the top. The body heat from your feet will help dry the boot from the inside and the gore tex will keep your feet relativly dry. Dont wear this for longer than a single patrol though!

    As for insoles, I am the also possesor of a pair of spaccer feet and have arch support insoles. Work fine with issue boots.

    ......And another thing! ex cadets will generally not have to many problems with boots as they are used to wearing them.

    Hope this helps
  15. Sage advice, I was in the ACF for 8 years, left as a DC, but at ATR everyone is Joe Crow.

    However, There are certain skills that if you were good at in the cadets will stand you in good stead. Drill, Kit, personal admin, map and compass and certain elements of fieldcraft. Thats what I found anyway. Lads who gob of about it and think they're better than everyone will soon be re-educated with extreme predujice by muckers and DS alike.