Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by wessex_warrior, Apr 12, 2007.

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  1. anyone know any boots good for running? Don't need to be great field boots just good runners!

    I'm running up to 20 miles/week around various parks in boots and knees are starting to complain at the treatment dished out by the issue clodhoppers.
  2. I'm a PTI with BritMilFit. I started out doing it as a sideline but now I'm doing up to 35 classes a month, each one an hour of charging around a park in boots and my knees and ankles are starting to complain about the lack of shock absorbtion in the issue wellies. Sorbothane insoles have helped a bit, but I think that an investment in decent boots would pay for itself pretty quickly in terms of down-time avoided.

    We do Mil-style fitness training for people in various different parks around the UK. especially London (Where i work).
  3. Ah fair enough, I was wondering why they didn't have to be any use for field work.

    Altbergs, Lowas, Magnums, there's loads of different lightweight boots available, take your pick!

    Personally I've got a pair from that are basically a cross between jungle boots and Magnums.


  4. Adidas GSG9
  5. I don't know whether I could bear to wear a pair of boots so unashamedly waltish! They're obscene! On the other hand they look really good for running...

    Thanks everyone! I think it's between the Altberg sneekers and the Adidas "i've just walked off the set of a science fiction movie" Boots. Might have to go for the Adidas for pure comedy value!
  6. What do you mean by that ???
  7. Altberg sneekers
  9. Is it Altberg who will do you a proper custom fitting if you go to the factory?
  10. Yes mate. If you can, go to the factory for a proper fitting - if you cant, you can take the measurements yourself and send them in. Either way they will custom size them for you!!
  11. regularly run in my lowas. No probs with the feet.
  12. That weighs heavily in favour of the Altbergs then! :D