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Alexhill said:
Were only walking in our day sacks yep i have done training the walk is in April and were having practise walks every 3 weeks, we have already done 2 an 18 mile and 22 mile and had a few blisters nothing bad :thumright: Its the cadets practise walk for Nijmegan which is the max i can do for my age. One question, did some people die in the last years event?
..Nijmegan,,Eh...Good Man / Lad..
..Don't know if anyone actually died, Unless they were in full IPE and Getting thrashed around the
Only kidding.... :thumleft:
There are plenty of Aide Stations dotted around the route, and if im not mistaken, part of your team consists of a bike orderly, who cycles ahead of the main Tabbing group and sorts out where you can get refreshments and where you will be able to admin your group prior to moving off along the route.
You'll enjoy the whole experience, the Dutch are very friendly and welcoming people....
Check out the link below.... :thumleft:
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