Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Chris_2oo6, Feb 16, 2007.

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  1. i'm after a decent pair of boots , tac ex 3 is around the corner and we're allowed to use gucci kit

    what would you say were best to get... lowa combats???

  2. Don't waste your money yet mate
  3. yeah i know they're gonna get wrecked on ex etc

    i've got the cash for them though money isn't an issue.. will probably end up buying 2 pairs so i have a new pair when i get to bn
  4. Mate, have a search in the QM section - there's loads of advice in there.
  5. Not meaning to sound like a boring twat, but even when I was doing inf training at Catterick in 2000, we had to use issued boots and kit.

    The issued bouncing bomb( sleeping bag) was a pain in the arse to pack away, when dark, wet and cold, but gets you good at admin. Even the instructors used issued lead by example.

    As for boots, in the UK doing recruit training, the boots are fine. Wait til you get to an inf battalion, when you do much longer exercises.

    Save your dosh til you get to a battalion.
  6. I agree the new issue pro boot is as good as any one you pay loads of your hard earned penny's for
  7. I strongly believe that ALL recruits should only get to use issued kit, but heres a run down of what i wear

    Around camp - Adidas GSG9

    Tabbing and boot runs - Altberg Sneekers

    Steeplechase - Altberg jungle boots

    Assault Course - Altberg Defenders

    Log/Stretcher - Altberg Sarawaks
  8. Fukc me Sandy, you must be the Depot Imelda Marcos , are you on commission from Altberg? :winkrazz:
  9. Guessing you a fan of Altberg then Sandy or work for them on the sly!

    However good choice of boot!
  10. I also have 2 pairs of Altberg peacekeepers a pair kept for muster parades etc and 1 pair for working on the doors, and a pair of Alberg McColl shoes
  11. Sandy,

    Where did you get your Adidas from and how much?
  12. ebay for 80 quid
  13. Personally thought that the Lowa combat boots where a bit to chunky and heavy for tabbing in, Altberg peace keepers where popular too and mates of mine swear by them. Just like Sandy I wore gsg9's or jungle boots round camp but I wouldnt wear either on a proper ex, if you can get hold of a pair of gsg9's go for it as they are getting harder to get hold of and are comfy as fcuk.
  14. You can't go far wrong with any of the advise given.

    My Personal favourites are.

    1. Scarpa Attak Asolo...Had mine 15 Yrs, did Nijmegan Marches Dogs B#####ks.....Pricey though as most top of the range boots are.
    All depends what Theatre or training you are going into.

    2. Matterhorn..Again Pricey, get either the Gore tex or just leather upper very comfortable, no breaking in required.

    3. Meindle..Very good Walking boot.

    4. Han wag...Kinda Lowa Loookalike..but still a solid boot, Most range from
    £100 to 150..Troll Ebay...Got a pair of Matterhorn for £30..There out there mayey..Go Find...

    Happy Tabbing... :headbang:
  15. Hey im doing a March with my ATC (50 miles), its a road march and currently ive only got some assualt boots, will they do as i dont really have the cash to buy Lowas etc? cheers