Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by maddogwhitey, Oct 17, 2006.

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  1. okay. i know this has probally been done to death, but i am of the increasing opinion that issued boots are shite. even when twiddled to death with insoles and pink laces.

    anyone got any suggestions as to which boots to buy? ive heard good things about lowa...but can they be resoled??
  2. Yes, they can be re-soled using the newly patented unique Lowa R Sole system.
  3. Boots a contentious issue amongst the armed forces bretherin... :wink:

    Most boots can be re-soled, either with a Vibram or Skywalker sole, see link below.

    Favoured alot are the Lowa, either gore tex or leather upper,depends on where you get them, e-bay a very good source Grade 1 or 2 start price varies to£35 and upwards..etc.
    Matterhorn goretex, but very pricey..$200 + again search e-bay.
    Meindle a very good boot maker, again depend on your monetory outlay.
    Berghaus do a range of very durable boots, buy come in Brown leather, so
    require a leather dye.

    Again the best boot isn't always the "Gucciest" boot going, it all depends on your job roll and the environment you are serving in..etc..Dessert,Arctic,Jungle..etc....
  4. As someone who's had a apir of Lowa's resoled with Skywalker soles twice now, I can say they are well worth the initial outlay, and cost of resoling. I paid about 47 quid a time to get them resoled, and got just over a year from each resoling....

    I cover a lot of miles, is all I can say......
  5. Lowa seem professional as every website ive looked at has a very good description/write up about the boots, i opted for a pair of Altberg peacekeepers P1 Aqua, seem the dogs, just got them, slight bit of wearing in to do, but comfy straight from box.Cheaper than Lowa's and British made.
  6. untallguy

    untallguy Old-Salt Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I'm a big fan of Altbergs and have been since buying my first pair 8 years ago. I use the Defenders spring through autumn and the G-Tex lined Field and Fell for winter. The two times I tried to get desert boots they couldn't get them to me in time (I was going at short notice on both occasions) but chums who have used them are fans.

    However, every one of us has their own opinion and I don't doubt that some people will not be fans of Altbergs. Boots I have seen being used and getting favourable comment are:


    It all depends on personal choice. If you can get youself to a shop where you can try them on and compare thawould be good or, failing that, double-check the returns policy if buying over the net.
  7. second that. i seem to have a problem with my feet and i always seem to get "hot spots" so trying these on the recommendations of a mate and other comments on the net. i also considered the other two makes mentioned above, doubt this helps the initial post ......but thats my views .
  8. LOWA I had a pair (civvy) that i wore for nine years been up and down mountains, paragliding, canyoning, horse riding, still in one piece.

    Bit like the boot version of a tampax, ( waiting for a cnut gag now LOL)

    They are good boots but make sure the guy selling you knows how to fit them for you. My boots were fitted at lowa in germany and 45 minutes of jumpoing up and down walking up slopes being measured, running up and down getting my knees checked helped to clinch a fantastic pair.
  9. I did consider getting a pair made for MY feet , cost was not an issue as it was only another 10-15 pound, but i was impatient and it would have taken another 6 weeks before id have gottern them. what more can they do to improve boots for your feet?
  10. Bashabasher, I've seen you contribute on many kit and weapon threads and I would like to ask you if you've actually ever used all these things you keep recommending to people?

    It'd be nice to know if you're recommending things from personal experience or purely from your opinions of the photos on a website.
  11. For cadets all you need is assualt boots or high leg boots we do not require lowas or tracpacs etc. But for the regular army i cannot say what you require as im not a reg.

    PTS id like to hear your opinions about boots
  12. Lowa boots are quite heavy and very heavy when wet and a b@stard to dry out. Okay if you're vehicle borne but on a 10 miler it can feel like you have lead feet. They are comfy and very rugged though. I wear Altberg as they have all the qualities of Lowa but are lighter.

    I don't have to buy mine though as i have spacca feet so get them on issue! :p