Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Jamah, May 18, 2006.

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  1. I've been a cadet for a while and bought a pair of Lowa Combat boots a couple of years ago. I've seen they're quite popular within the Army but really, how many people have something other than the Assault Boot?
  2. I'm fighting the temptation to go off on one about cadets and their Gucci kit...

    To answer your question, i'd say that most (if not all) of my (infantry) bn have their own boots.
  3. I've got a pair of Adidas Predator boots, just the job. I think I have some Wellington boots too somewhere.


  4. I cringed at my own post just then.

    Maybe this isn't the place for me to be, especially making new threads.

    The reason I bought them is because I'm into hillwalking etc alot and instead of buying two pairs of boots I combined the cash and got these. I suppose the thought that was going through my head at the time of making the post was just an interest in what the army does. After all, it's what we're all aiming for in cadets in one way or another.
  5. Lowa Combat boots are ******* i n g top when you get them issued.
    want to know how pm me
  6. Well with a polite and well worded response I think young Jamah here is everything 5.56 wanted to be.... Unless he's him in diguise!

    T C

    Edited for drunk typing
  7. Is it by jacking on every ICFT and constantly going sick with foot ailments? If so, cover your head with creosote and apply a lit match.
  8. Come on Crimp, don't feed the troll! He's like bad advertising; If you ignore it then it goes away...

    Also works with Chlamydia.... 8O

    T C
  9. Got two pairs of Altbergs, they are the shiznay, as comfy new as issue boots are when well broken in!
  10. it true trust me Lowa Combat boots are f* i n g top when you get them issued.
    and i will show you how.
  11. I'd rather you show me the contents of your stomach cavity after you've been disembowelled with a beef stew and dumplings encrusted racing spoon.
  12. I'm nobody in disguise, but I managed to have a moment of clarity.

    I've had my Lowas for nearly two years, and they really are brilliant. The only time they've let me down was a month ago trying Ben Nevis on probably the worst day possible. They were soaked inside and out, the leather soaked up water (you may blame my lack of attention to bootcare but I don't think that's the reason).

    It's come to the point where the soles are wearing down to nothing and PTIs begin to have a go at me on assault courses. As they're getting a tad on the small side (still not finished growing) I wont get them re-soled, but what do I get next?
  13. Hmm.... another pair of Lowas?
  14. Thinking of buying a pair of non issue boots but can't decide which looked that the magnum elite 8" and the lowa combats, any recomendations would be apprechated, I would be looking to use them for OTC stuff (our unit is roled as "light inf") but thinking of doing cambrian patrol next year?

    Are boots such as the one named above too hot for the summer(british)?
  15. My Lowas never got too steamy, there's all this crap about ventilation pumps and what-not on their site if you'd like to look at it.

    If you've got the cash (around £150) and think you're going to make use of them, buy Lowas. I think I'll go for another pair.