I left in '93 and joined the Plod. I used my faithful Combat Highs and they gave me 5 good years until they became racing slicks. (I fined meself 3 points and £60 for no tread!)

I used other (Shamefully civilian) boots until a friend then gave me a pair of the (Then) new type combat boots. The dratted things have worn out now - only 4 years of use, no durability...

Which leads me to my question. Am I correct in thinking that there are now two types of boot available to Joe Squad? And if so, please discuss.

Also, suggestions for outlets other than Silvermans please.
Army combat high's are no longer issued, you get issued two pairs of combat assault boots, one for working and one for best, however most of the lads tend to go for civilian boots such as Lowa, Treseta or Alttberg, they are more comfy and last longer in all climates, i have personally had my Lowa's for around five years and they have lasted me on varios tours of the Balkans, i even wore them in iraq when night patrol's.
Have a look at the 5.11 range, they're designed more for urban environs, and as such may be just what you're looking for. They do a police version 8" boot for $99, I cant vouch for them personally, but they do look a bit gucci.
Had a pair of altbergs for over 5 yrs and they are still going strong.
Excellent boots.
strut_jack said:
Had a pair of these for about 4 years. Needed a bit more breaking in than usual, but once that was sorted I wouldn't be without them.

Specialist working boot
I was thinking about something with a bit more in the way of stilletto styling although I very much like the fet look. I think it'll go with beard, shaven head and bodyarmour...
Speedkuff said:
I was thinking about something with a bit more in the way of stilletto styling although I very much like the fet look. I think it'll go with beard, shaven head and bodyarmour...
Aha, I se you've gone for the 'Type A' policeman look. Do you own a slightly ill fitting dark blue suit?
Indeed I do,

I use it for those ocasions when I'm asked to attend at multi-agency meetings.

It's sufficiently plain that I can technically be said to be in civvies but the dated look helps to mark me as a rozzer at a 1000 paces, thus fooling no one.I also practice looking uncomfortable in a suit and I'm hoping one day to be asked to give a statement on TV.

You know, doing that stilted speech thing and combining it with some homily about, "Blankshire police would welcome any information that may lead to the apprehension of these particularly vicious offenders.."

I also practice "The Stare" when in civvies in order to make scrotes feel very nervous. It's good for frightening very small children as well. It's a semi Dom/sub thing. It's fun :)

For other occasions, I do the dressing down thing. I'm better at this and have managed to perfect my slightly loony older biker/semi drunk/drugged look and this has borne fruit now and then.

Unfortunately, the dressed down look has only been perfected 'cause that's how I actually dress when not at work. For this look, I recommend a faded black t-shirt extolling the virutes of some outdated rock band.

Mrs Kuff says I only fit in with my Latvian customers because we shop at the same places...
I wear Church's brogues for rare office appearances, Merrell's for spring/ summer and Timberlands for autumn/ winter.

When I was in uniform I had my old Danner boots which were probably the comfiest I ever owned. Still in the cellar, I think. Down here a lot of the uniform blokes wear their issue public order boots, which have come a long way since I had a pair (flat-footed steelies guaranteed to phuck up your ankles/ tendons, a bit like MK1 BCH!).

Nothing wrong with a pair of good old DMS mate...... :roll:

Apart from that fact that they ripped my feet to shreds and let in water like a sieve.....

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