Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by board_surfin, Aug 13, 2005.

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  1. Just been issued my kit. I have had issue boots before (when i was a space cadet) however, this was a long while ago & they were not used very intensively.

    Just wanted to know the quickest & most effective way of wearing them in & softening them up a bit!?

    Any input would be great.

  2. Let them soak in your own piss for a full day.
    I’m not joking, it softens the leather.
  3. He's not wrong. Fill them (as much as you can) with urine, Put something like a small sandwhich bag over the top of each boot and secure with an elastic band. Put them in the airing cupboard for about 24 hrs. After that put them on while they are still wet and walk around in them for a whole day.
    Not only will this break the boots in but will help to harden your feet.

    No blisters Ever.
  4. You could try the old fashioned method and actually wear them and yomp in them. There not exactly Boots-Directly Molded Sole are they?

    'Kin yoof of today dont know they are born.
  5. saves you being accused of being a gungy bastard as well as smelling of piss :wink:
  6. Hmm. Buy some Lowas instead - worked for me... apart from the ankle problems, but hey! they just let me feel better about my knees.
  7. Thanx for the input guys. Think i will do it the old fashioned way.... a little pain never hurt anyone!!???
  8. Don't be a girl, piss on your boots!!!!!!!!
  9. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Go for a few 'walks' in long, wet grass. Soaking boots drying on you will soon break in, believe me.

    and you won't stink of P)ss , either :)
  10. i am a girl! ile have to start on that crate of 24 stellas to make some serious boot filling urine...oh well.
    more likely ile do it the old fashioned way!
  11. what about stomping up & down in the bath? would that work?
  12. You can get the same results if you forego the stinky method of urinating in them and just dump the boots in a sinkful of hot water with two or three drops of washing-up liquid added. Weight them down so that they're fully immersed and leave them there until the water goes cold. Then take them out, shake them off a bit and put them on with thick socks, lacing them as tight as they'll go. Then go for a 30-minute tab in them. Try and do as many bending exercises as you can, paying particular attention to stretching your toes out in front of you. That'll perhaps save you screwing up your Achilles tendon later. Leave them to dry naturally.
    Works every time for me.

  13. Masterbate all over your boots and rub it into the leather... it will soften them right up.
  14. Just because that worked on your bung hole, doesn’t mean it will work on boots

    freak :roll:
  15. take as many laxatives as possible, ease springs, fill your boots up until they're toppers and launch them at the nearest para or bootie you can find. And in your own time, RUN.