Discussion in 'Infantry' started by us_versus_them, Sep 8, 2009.

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  1. if anyone can help, i just need to know if anyone has any excellent techniques of overcoming bad blisters and possibly preventing them for the future with an even better and quick way to break those shitty boots in that you are given in training!

    im re-enlisting soon! do you reckon i should buy a pair and get my feet used to them before i go?
  2. Did you not learn all this last time round? FFS. What are they teaching you people these days? Fcukall by the sound of things.Patience and zinc oxide tape.
  3. they taught me i should kick the shit out of weeds like you by the sounds of it
  4. yes the zinc oxide tape can go round ur gob! lol
  5. Can i ask if you don't mind, what made you leave and whats changed your mind to make you come back?
  6. i came out coz i had blisters! i couldnt do anything in boots! im goin back to prove to myself that i can just crack on with it!
    infantry all the way! all hail the royal anglians!
    if i go back i have to stay for at least 4 years anyway!
  7. Good luck lad, lots of zinc oxide tape, and when you pop a blister put a bit of thread in it. Also maybe get a good set of insoles

    If you can break the boots in before you start basic, (not sure if they go that during reg training but for Officer training we get the boots about 6 weeks before.) just by walking in them loads and maybe some gentle pyhs nothing that'll cause blisters before you get there tho.

    Anyway Good luck and i hope it goes better for you this time.
  8. Having read your 8 post my young chum I think blisters may be the least of you worries. Get yourself a nice pair of slipper so that your feet are comfortable when you are limping around behind your squad for 4 weeks awaiting your discharge, that is if they let you back in.
  9. leaved because of blisters? lucky you royal anglians! looks like you have some real tuff stuff heading your way!

    Hate to tell you this but most people get blisters in cattick just man up and get on with it!

    ever thought of the RLC?
  10. I got blisters on my bell end after shagging under agers but I never came out. Jesus Christ getting resurected in my toilet is more likely than you ever passing out of recruit training you little pooftah.
  11. Ah bless, you little poof.......

  12. Snigger.......................

  13. Yeah, buy a pair of Lowas, then tell your mates they were issue, cos of the job youre doing, but cant tell them about, because its 'a national secret'
  14. Raging Homosexual ?
  15. I bet this is a wah but on the off chance its real i'll bite anyway, while the majority of recruits have blisters that will clear up and eventually stop as the skin hardens, a small percentage will still suffer due to having mong (irregular shaped) feet, If you fall into that catergory the physio department will recommend that you have boots made for you by a local company (Hanwag). However be prepared to be back squadded unless you take matters into your own hands and buy a pair to wear while your boots are being made. Good luck with your training.

    Edited to add. For the majority of you who have blisters you do NOT have mong feet! you are just weak and will have to buy your own decent boots like everybody else :twisted: