Not strictly a rumour, or anything related, but seeing as you guys are all servicemen/ex-servicemen, I hoped you can help me!

I've just got not of a new pair or ammo boots, and bulled up the toes and heels a treat. The remainder of the boot bulls up really well, but because the leather is so soft, it cracks almost as soon as I put them on! My old pair were really stiff all over so that didnt happen, but my question is how can I make these new boots as stiff? Also a lot of guards boots I've seen are really stiff making them ideal for bulling!

I've hot spooned them all over, thoroughly, and bulled hundereds of layers on, but no success! My bulling technique is sound, as my last boots were pretty fantastic, but I just don't know how you guards make the leather stiff! Is it just more bulling, and I need to just bull an awful lot more?!

I would really appreciate your help if you have the time!




War Hero

Im not the oracle when it comes to boots...but you need to get hold of some bees wax, which you can get from furniture repairers and large furniture retailers (looks like candle wax).

You then need to melt it onto the boot (toe and heel too) and try to smooth the surface with a spoon handle (warmed over a candle flame) and let it dry.  Then add polish and bull away...need a few layers.

You could also try melting in a bit of boot polish with the bees wax before application if you like.

Let us know how you get on.


War Hero
Those shiny black things on the bottom of each guardsmans leg are not boots.......thats their feet ;D

I'm no expert on bulling boots but I thought they used layers and layers of beeswax to get the mirror finish so beloved by the tick tock brigade, but then I was Para Reg and we are not famed for our parade ground expertise.............thank fcuk

DOH!! a minute late
Find someone much smaller than you and poke him in the eye until he volunteers to do your boots for you, allowing you to concentrate on a topic that isn't so dull.

Now get the beers in or lock yourself in your room with a copy of top gun and a 2 litre bottle of lilt.  ;D

Incidentally after looking through my loft I found a pair of immaculate size 10 Ammo boots (with crunchy bits attatched) free to a good home, PM me
TADN, the reason why your ammo boots are immaculate is because you never used them! Watch out csm if you get hold of his boots, one sole will be bigger than the other.

Seriously, if you have floppy leather, lots of layers of bees wax and lots of layers of polish as described by the almighty one. Dont do it too quickly though, allow the layers to dry and harden. Once you have a descent base, bull away. I take it the soles are of a grade one standard? If not, The almighty's orthopedics will come in handy.
The reason one sole is bigger than the other is because I lent them to Forrest Highway for a funeral.

Anyone recall Dex Dexter, he borrwed aa fellas immac drill boots and had his dad buried in them.....classic, Vince was very impressed, even got billed for replacements ;D

CSM never take advice from a man who used to wear the same cap badge as you, his boots looked like something from a freeman hardy willis catalogue and he wailed like a bitch if he had to walk more than ten yards in them


The reason your boots are qll floppy is that they haven't been "burnt in" yet. the recipie for this is shown below...


1 pair ammo boots, a size bigger than you need
Newspaper, lots
Laces, 1 pair, strong
Beeswax, much
Propane bottle


Pack boots tightly with wads of newspaper
lace boots up, tie off laces
Assault boots with blowtorch until singed. apply beeswax.
Repeat the burning and waxing process many times, usually an hour per boot.
The finished product will not have layers of wax on, and will look almost like a new boot, but the beeswax will be absorbed into the leather and make them fairly rigid and non floppy.
All you have to do now is use the good old kiwi to get them glowing.

Enjoy  ;)
Any idea where I can buy beeswax? I've seen beeswax in a form of polish, mixed with other waxes, but presumably I need just pure beeswax?



find a bee keeper
Chuzu is right,

Gather all your friends (both of them) and pick your ears into a bucket.

Then go to a beehive and hit it with a stick, make them chase you home where you trap them and kill em, crunch them up into a bowl and rub the result into your boots.

Alternatively try the cobblers. (guess you don't have your - displaying common sense and initiative badge then) ;D


Many, many years ago when I was in the Third Battalion in the 'Shot, we were getting new Colours from Mrs Windsor so we had to bull our boots (DMS) for a change.

One tom was making no effort but said he had a plan which would be taking place on the day.

On the morning of the parade he nipped down to the MT and used some of thier lovely black paint on the toes and heels and when he returned to the block he was showing his very shiney boots to the lads when the paint started to dry - you've guessed it - MATT BLACK!!!

Oh how we laughed.

Boots, yes, I like women who wear them, preferably thigh high with a 6" stiletto heel, and fcuk all else on but a smile and a wet patch.  :p

Yes mistress, more mistress!


A top tip......once you have managed to put a good shine on the boots, pop a dab of brasso on a cloth and rub the boots all over, just to finish them off.  ;D
Any idea where I can buy beeswax?
From Bees.

Another top, top tip is the following.

If it is raining, or looks like it is about to rain, buy some "Clear" (a proprietary floor polish that is a thin clear liquid) and liberally coat your boots with them, just before you go out on parade.

If you don't believe me, try it on an old pair of boots that you aren't likely to wear outside.

This gives an outstanding result if you want a really high gloss shine with minimal work.

And if you like the colour purple.
A top tip......once you have managed to put a good shine on the boots, pop a dab of brasso on a cloth and rub the boots all over, just to finish them off
I always found that Duraglit worked better.

Adam, try Brasso on one boot and Duraglit on the other, see which one you prefer.
When you have finished bulling give a final coat of chip fat, applied liberally with a toffee hammer


Does anyone remember Morello? That wonderful Boxhead liquid bull , what a life saver.

It,s poor relation was 'Klear' floor polish , stocked by every NAAFI in the world . It  always looked fantastic for about half an hour but had a mortifying habit ( much to a young Spr KFs' discovery ) of turning blue if it rained.

I always preffered paying the troop gypo a paltry sum to do the tedious task then reserve payment and administer a sound thrashing if they did not meet my exacting standards. Now THATS the way to bull boots.
Or if you are really lazy and know a crab or two, pay them a couple of quid, which goes to charity, and they will cover your lovely boots in Tornado nose cone paint.  Very, very shiny, doesn't go blue, lasts as long as your boots will, almost impossible to scratch and takes b**ger all effort.

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