Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by laytonatc, May 18, 2009.

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  1. hi guys i need advice im in the ATC and im doing the nijmegan march this summer and i need new boots but im not sure what to get.ive previously had assault boots which were alright but i was thinking of getting goretex lined pro-boots can anyone point me in the right directing for boots
  2. Gortex Pro Boots with soft insoles are best.
    My pair have been to the Gulf, Afghanistan, Belize and have got me thru CFTs.
  3. thanks mate
  4. stop being a fanny and just use the assault boots, Nijmegan is a tarmac march and you dont need gore-tex stuff
  5. BTW i am a flight Sgt and was going to do Nijmegan but obviously can't as i will be at Catterick
  6. I did Nijmegen a few years ago in Lowa Combat's, which are similar to the pro boots, if you are talking about the issue ones?
    I found them heavy and extremely hot.
    Many people used Magnums which seem to do the job, but Lowa Seeker/ Urbans I think are the way forward.
    More protection for the ankles, Goretex lined.

    Hope th is helps
  7. lighter boots like Magnums that are more trainers would be good, but don't go shelling out on Lowa's , that would just be stoopid
  8. Lowas are stiff load-bearing cross-country boots. Urbans are better for tarmac marching, but use some sorbothane insoles otherwise you'll have massive pressure blisters pretty quickly. The issue is not too bad once it's broken in properly.

    Gore-tex is wnak for tabbing; far too hot. You're not going to get all that wet marching along a road.
  9. I did Nijmegen in Gore-Tex Lowas last year. My feet got very hot and sweaty but the boots were so comfy I didn't get any blisters, just powdered my feet at the rest stops to de-moist them. If didn't already have the Lowas I would have used assault boots with Sorbothane insoles. Just get a set of Sorbothane triple strike insoles for your boots, they are awesome.
  10. I fancy a crack at this... done a lot of cardio work, 90% of it off road and on hills, but not a lot (read: next to nothing!) carrying any weight! what is a good weight to start with to train? more importantly are there still places up for grabs?

  11. Start off with around 5 to 6kg. Get comfortable walking with it and then add 2kg more. Get comfortable with that and add 2kg more to make 10kg....Note, this must be done with all additional kit needed on the march. Even if your not that fit it's a cakewalk (literally, Dutch people come and give you cake) :D
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