Boots, where & where from??

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Spursluv, Mar 1, 2006.

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  1. Good Morn

    Just wondered if anyone has any ideas where I can get a decent pair of boots, I've joined the TA and finally got issued my kit yesterday, the first time it was issued everything was far too big, this time I have everything minus the boots which they say are going to take quite a while because I am a size 4 and they are an awkward size to get?? I can't wait anymore so I am going to buy my own for now but I don't really know what I'm looking for, I would like a decent pair, someone has suggested Lowa's, does anyone know where I could purchase some around the London/Essex area?

    Cheers in advance
  2. Lowas are great boots, but they are very stiff, which is fine if you're big and burly, but they dont always suit everyone. If you're a size 4 I'm guessing you're quite petite, if so, you might want something more flexible.
  3. Yeah I'm just a short arse at just over 5.2" my feet are actually a size 3 but I know I should get a size bigger, I wouldn't even know where to find boots apart from on the internet.
  4. be careful though, as during your phase one training u may have to wear issue boots (something to do with insurance/liability etc). well thats what we were told anyways! but hey, if they cant find u the right size boots then ule have to get some anyways?! good luck!
  5. You can get a nice cheap pair of boots here:

    Look for the Tracpac Patrol Boots which are from size 4 upwards at a bargain price of £28.

    Now I know they are not the best for waterproofing, but they are really comfy for 'ladies feet'. They are the most comfortable I have found for a CFT and didn't shred the skin off my feet like all the others. They are cushioned inside as well as padded round the ankle so better for skinnier ankles (like mine).

    They will get you through your recruit training, and if you decide that you really want to spend a lot more money on some later, as you are definately staying in, there are plenty of threads around to point you in the right place.

    I just know that these are good value, and good for little feet.

  6. Thanks for that Sandy, I'm in the market for some lightweight traditional boots (non goretex) and those Altberg Defender Microlites look the business. Half sizes and made in Yorkshire, they'll do for me.
  7. Magnum range maybe?
  8. Dragon Supplies in Colchester stock Lowas?
  9. You lot are really helpful thanks very much, at least I have an idea now of what to look for now, it's so frustrating having all my kit but unable to wear it because of lack of boots, I didn't really want to have to do my third weekend away next week in more hideous coverals haha!
  10. msr

    msr LE

    They why is one pair issued to all those off to the sand pit?

  11. I think I will buy some boots exactly the same as the Army Issue ones (must be a shop somewhere in London I can find them) and another more expensive pair when I really know more about what to look for.