boots when i get to basic

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by foshy, Jan 9, 2009.

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  1. is there any way to soften ur boots apart from running in them...i heard that if u put ur boots in hot water 4 half an hour dry them there a bit softer is this true?
  2. walk in them
  3. pi$$ in them
  4. but on a serious note, I wouldnt really fancy having wet boots, what if you actually need to wear them

    edited because having urine wet boots makes me sound a bit of a twat.

    grin and bare it mate, or get yourself a good set of insoles
  5. lol alrte u got me there without running,walking,pissing or shitting in them?
  6. Polish them
  7. line your boots with a plastic bag and then fill the bag with cooking oil heated to 36 degrees celsius, leave for a week and your boots will be sorted.

  8. or if your flush, buy a pair of issue boots before you go and wear them in a bit first
  9. Foshy as has been said the only way to break your boots in is to use them ie walk or run in them.
  10. after all the drill and boot rund they will be broken in
  11. Agreed
  12. Can you actually do this?? I heard you'd get a right earful of the staff if you do?....
  13. alternatively..
    grow some testicles
    and stop trying to find secret ways to break them in.
    wear them everywhere
    and give them a deep layer of polish, it'll soak in a make them more...nice.
  14. dont get caught then :p
  15. No you can't, you will wear the pairs you get issued with.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.