boots in training?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Razor, Jan 18, 2005.

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  1. are you allowed to wear your own boots in training?
    e.g. Lowa mountain boots

    thanks in advance
  2. No, not usually, and to be frank, at that stage it is too early to be customising your kit. Just work with what you're issued. Many people spend their entire career in issue kit without a problem. You do need to be able to operate in bog-standard kit as it is what you will be re-issued with in the field. Save your money for now, then you will be able to "fine tune" your rig-out later.
  3. I'm with Topper - you probably won't be allowed to wear them anyway.

    I would suggest you invest in a big bag of good civvie walking socks though (not red) which make a big difference.
  4. Thats a VERY good point. Good socks make an enormous difference. I find Thor-lo are the dogs danglies. :D
  5. I joined in the generation where you had to buy all your own kit because it was so cr@p

    By the time I left the issue kit was pretty much on par with some of the bought, for example I had my own Danners, was issued Matterhorns for Bosnia and eventually ECB's

    I actually was more comfortable in the ECB's which was strange

    As for socks etc, I advise getting a few pairs of Thorlo's I prefer the civi ones not the military ones myself, and a good set of Sorbraphane (spelling ?) insoles, they are the nads, sure your feet will be a bit sore to start with but get used to wearing them and by any kit march hopefully they will be fully broken in

    Don't forget, you might join a unit that strickly forbids non-issue kit
  6. :D on the same wavelength it seems

  7. Yeh, do you get commission from Thor-Lo too? :D
  8. If you are joining the infantry Zinc Oxide tape comes in handy :!:
  9. smart wool last just that bit longer and are seriously warm if you get the expedition grade socks, or else sealskinz are brilliant if you don't have goretex boots....
  10. Training for what? Mountain climbing?
  11. I brought a pair of danner Arcadias in 1990 that finally gave up the ghost last year (having been worn every working day for 8 of those years) a much lamanted piece of kit.

    What comparable boots on the market are likely to serve me well as a replacement?