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Discussion in 'Living Overseas' started by stanley_bomb_squad, Feb 19, 2013.

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  1. No not the Chemist.
    I'm taking Major Sunray over there in June and while she's dragging me round exciting places like Bloomingdales and Tiffanys, I'd like to get some new boots.
    Can anyone suggest anywhere good (by which I mean cheap) in New York where I can get Danners, Lowas ect?
  2. There's loads of sporting goods stores in Manhattan. But because there's no real military presence in New York (bar Hogwarts) there aren't too many Surplus stores - especially in Manhattan unless you count heap Chinese knock offs. I like Eastern Mountain Sports on Broadway (down in SoHo) and whenever I'm over there always buy a set of walking boots or two. The Cop store is NY Ironworks on Park Row by Brooklin Bridge, but I can't remember whether they had boots (I was looking at Benchmade Auto Knives at the time). Google is your friend NYC Army Store Army Navy Clothing Military Surplus Shop in New York City - Army Navy Store, NYC but I'm at a loss if they're any good. Of course it is worth reminding you that we switch to Brown Boots from Black fairly soon so if you're buying boots for work then they will be redundant shortly.

    Oh and re Dorris shopping. Do yourself a big fat favour and head to Woodbury Common Woodbury Common Premium Outlets Its a few hours out of New York and you can spend a day there. Your credit card will thank you as its a lot cheaper than Saks, Macy's, Bergdorf, Bloomingdales et all. There are buses that go from Grand Central I believe (I drove). Save Manhattan for the tourist stuff.

    Oh and one more tip. FFS get the Express Pass when you go up the Empire State building. Things To Do In NYC - Observation Deck Tickets | Empire State Building You walk right past the 2 hour queue to the front door where you wave your **** You tickets at the prols and a nice person walks you right past the 1 hour queue inside the building straight to the lift to the main deck. This process is repeated for the queue to the Top Deck. Best $22 per person extra over normal prices I ever spent in my life.

    I know Manhattan pretty well, so if you have any more questions on good restaurants/things to do then PM me.
  3. Cheers for that :)
    I wasnt being lazy and not googling things but working off the Arrse is the font of all knowledge principle and your bound to get straight to the point info on here.

    And its paid off already the cop store just got added to my todo list :)
    They are for work and my kit will be staying black (well grey after 2 washes in the case of the pants).
    A PM will be on its way shortly
  4. No Probs. As I said New York City and State has West Point and that's pretty much about it bar National Guard establishments and Fort Drum with 10th Mountain in case Canada invades. In Connecticut there are the big Navy Nuke bases which is next door if you fancy a day trip out to Yale (meh). But a MOD 90 probably won't get you in to the PX/BX.

    That link was a surplus store, not NY Ironworks.
  5. Have thought about that but we only have the weekend in the hotel before we join the ship so was a bit worried about missing the parcel
  6. And thanks again Travelgall, my MOD90 is long expired and my warrant card probably wouldnt get me very far :)
    Mind you MOD 90 didnt get me too far at the BX at Lakenheath either.
  7. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Fixed foc :)
  8. I thought Woodbury Common was near Lympstone, not in a hurry to go there again.