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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by azahpm, Oct 18, 2008.

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  1. When i start basic i was hoping to take in my own new worn in boots, as id probrably find it easier running in my own rather than having to break in a brand new pair given to me when i start. problem is would i be allowed to wear them or would i have to wear the ones issued to me.
    any information on this would be a great help.
  2. Are they "issued" boots? Or a different type of boot?
  3. well i can get issued boots but also different kinds as well,thats why i was asking because even if there the same kind of boots that the army issue, i just thought it might make training that bit easier if they were already broken in.
  4. You will have a locker. This locker will be where you keep your kit. This locker will be inspected. If you arrive with extra kit the DS will see it and possibly confiscate it for "unauthorised possession" (it happens), as it gives you an unfair advantage.

    Once you are allowed home for the first time, you may be allowed items such as this, but I suspect not at the start.

    edited to add: You will certainly not be allowed to wear any other type of boot, so don't spend a fortune on a pair of Lowas just yet.
  5. get some clogs

  6. fair play, but as i said above, if i managed to buy a set of standard issue army boots, wore them in to my feet, would i be allowed to keep them for training. if not ill be happy to wear in a new pair but obviously anything that could help me through training would be valued
  7. good idea :D
  8. so no one know then?
  9. Personally I would avoid doing so, even if you might get away with it. First, you're spending money that you don't need to, and second, you perhaps ought to consider why it is that you seek an advantage. None of your new mates will thank you for having an advantage, and you'll risk them and the NCOs just thinking you're a smart-arse. That said, you might actually score points for having foresight and being well prepared (if point-scoring's your thing). However, Basic Training is probably supposed to include hardship, especially where administration and comfort is concerned; my advice is to turn up with an open mind and embrace it for what it is. It is designed specifically for no prior preparation (other than meeting the basic entry standards of fitness and trainability etc).

    By the way, the issue boot does not take much breaking in, just make sure you get a pair that fit and you look after your feet. Believe me, your boots will not be at the top of your 'things to worry about' list.
  10. Thanks mate ill just wait and get what im given, yeah your right, i never thought about it like that, i dont want brownie points or to be a smart arrse, just want to pass badly. just thought that'd help but at the end of the day others would resent me while they've got the sores. cheers mate. can mods delete this now please. found out what i need to know.
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    Delete no, lock yes.
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