Boots for Cadet Force Use - Advice Wanted

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Stonker, Apr 22, 2011.

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  1. I've been out since 2003: issue kit has changed a lot since then.

    My No 2 son has just joined Cadets: needs a pair of boots. I gave him my (hardly ever worn, issued in 1990-summat) Boots assault from the garage, and the soles literally crumbled to bits in the course of one evening at the Cadet huts!! (Making me a bit doubtful about buying him a pair of Army surplus jobs, I have to say)

    He's now on Easter camp in a pair of my Boots Combat High (Mk2) - which are still going strong after more years than I can remember - but I want them back.

    We're now in the market for a pair of decent boots - even if they are lookalikes rather than the real thing - and I'm finding quite a selection online, with no real info on how good/bad they are.

    Don't want to put him in Magnums (needs a proper boot, IMHO) but equally don't want to shell out more than £40 to £50.

    Grateful for any advice on:

    # Recommended makes
    # Makes to avoid
    # Good value suppliers

    We live in the Milton Keynes area, so not instantly able to tootle off to HM Supplies to look at these:
    Military assault boot | Footwear | HM Supplies- outdoor, military, survival clothing and equipment
    or these:
    British Army Mid Leg Boot | Footwear | HM Supplies- outdoor, military, survival clothing and equipment

    . . and I only know of one nearby store (the excellent Castles in Stony Stratford) that might - just - be able to help.

    Particularly keen to hear advice from Cadet instructors and parents of Cadets.

    O - and he's a size 81/2 double-H width fitting: gets away with my old 9mediums, I seem to recall the Assault boot has metric sizing - so fitting advice also welcome

    Over to you lot.
  2. A pair of British Army assault boots or something similar, you can buy these online from cadet direct, surplus and adventure or a host of other websites and they fit into your budget of between 40 and 50 quid.
    These are ideal, I,ve seen cadets in ankle length work boots which are,nt really suitable as they are too low to blouse combats or tuck in.
  3. Assault boots will be fine an probably preferable, Surplus ones are readily available and cheap, at the rate kids grow this is a major consideration.

    As to the soles crumbling I had a few cadets with this problem apparently there was a dodgy batch of boots floating around not seen any of those from surplus for a while now though, as always give then a good going over before you buy
  4. I forgot to mention that he's a size 81/2 double-H width fitting: gets away with my old 9 medium BCH, but I seem to recall the Assault boot has metric sizing - so fitting advice also welcome
  5. I can only suggest that you go for a size up and then get some decent insoles if the boot is a tad large.

    Of course the problem with buying online is that you don,t get to try them on untill they arrive. Maybe your lad could ask at his detachment if anyone has a pair of assault boots that he could try on if someone there has them in a similar size?
    A.Is get british army assault boots issued so it,s not beyond the realms of possibility that someone might have a pair around size 9
  6. Happened to me the first pair I was given, brand "new" out of the stores. Storeman claimed that the rubber in the soles has a shelf life, and mine were clearly past theirs. Feasible I guess, as size 13L isn't exactly the most common and they'd probably sat on a shelf for donkeys. Never checked the date in 'em, but the newer pair (made 2008 ) I have now are fine.
  7. Don't bother buying assault boots from cadet direct, they will send you a cheap N nasty replica set; which from what i've seen, tear open where the toes bend.

    I have a set of 9M assault boots sitting in my cupboard atm, they have a bit of scuffing on the toe but i would be happy to send you them down for a tenner and postage. Ill give you piccies as well if you desire.

  8. A lot of cadets buy magnum boots and these arent too bad for soft feet who, up to then, have only ever worn trainers. They arent too waterproof and at best he will get 3 years use out of them. They are certainly much better made than they used to be, particularly the soles. I wear them at work every day and get at least 2 years use out of them. When I first started wearing them 15 years ago, the soles were shot after only 6 months, but the uppers were still like new!

    Boots, assault are tricky to find, fit, rather heavy*, and are pretty ******* uncomfortable if you need a wide fitting, but they are tough and long lasting.

    *unless you get the latest issue ones which have a lightweight sole. But how long will that sole last?
  9. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Give Biped a shout he's got some on his site that fit the bill.
  10. I am glad I opened this thread - genuinely appreciate the advice I'm getting.

    So far I stand to save several quid, and at the same time ensure my boy winds up in footwear that is decent quality, uniform, good value and fits as well as nature permits.

    I'll do replies to PMs in the morning.

  11. Ta!!

    check yr PMs
  12. You could do much worse than to visit this link:
    The Beginner's Guide to Boots - Army Cadet Force . com
    and hear what cadets have to say about the boots they have tried...
  13. DB216LOKDVR - check yr PMs my freind