Boots fit.... mail getting through... ??

Bad CO

BBC comments reproduced:


Our son is in the Parachute Regiment serving in Kuwait. We are sending out parcels containing biscuits, sweets, dried foods, toiletries etc. on a regular basis just to help keep up the morale. The shortage of food that is being reported at such an early stage is quite disgraceful and should certainly be rectified before any conflict begins, otherwise the troops will be in no fit stage to go into battle.
Mrs Sue Hawkins

My daughter is in Middle East and tells me she has rice three times a day. Sometimes they don't even know what is with the rice. The Americans call them The Borrowers. She says "they have burger bars pizza huts and shops. We have nothing.
Shirley, Birmingham

My daughter's fiance is with the 13th Air Assault in Kuwait. He went out on the 14 Feb, he has sent lots of letters home to her but he has not had a single letter she has sent him. The British Forces' Post Office says it's getting 600 mail bags per day and they are all being sorted in a tent out there by a few people. He seems to have stopped writing now , beacuse you could see his morale dropping lower and lower with each one. LETTERS FROM HOME ARE IMPRORTANT FOR THAT VERY REASON.
Anna Ramsden, Surrey

Why does my son still not have a respirator or other bits of equipment that he needs? He has been in the Gulf for three weeks and he still has not had a shower!
Donna, Essex

I spent 12 years in the forces. What a surprise to hear the defence minister say that none of the troops had complained when VIPs had visited them. Troops are warned NOT to complain. If they did it would be very career limiting, as by implication the senior officers accompanying the VIPs have failed to their job. If the troops did complain they'd find themselves on extra guard duties and be black booked, and most likely be overlooked for promotion. The minister, like all politicians is detached from reality.
John, North Wales

Dr Moonie is a liar. We did without in the Falklands: crap boots, no foul weather kit. In the gulf the last time we had to trade our kit with the yanks to survive .Yes we do as soldiers buy and customise kit - that's because what we are issued is crap .I know I had to do it. My son in law is out there ust now. We are sending him food and second hand desert cam kit to keep him going if new kit was available we would send, that but we have to make do with army surplus. I am angry with myself for disclosing this but I do not want my daughter ending up a widow after only three months of marriage
Jim Ritchie, Paisley

Nothing has changed, even the attitude of the politicians. As a former royal marine 80-89 and having served in the Falklands, we had to take all out own kit (boots bergans etc) and live on 24hr rat packs for more than the described period before fresh rations were issued. I truly feel sorry for the lads in the current situation as the MoD are again ill-prepared and don't care a hoot about the lads on the ground willing to lay down their life.
Pete, Wirral

Things haven't changed, I was in the last Gulf war and I led a chemical Recce team. It was two weeks into the war before we recieved our desert uniform. And we still had not recieved our specialist chemical vehicle at the end of the war.
Chaz King, Nottingham

Why not talk about what we have got? Maybe you are all too young to remember "careless talk costs lives" and "walls have ears"?
Donald Dodgson

General Sir POD says we're good to go.....

"But 4 to 5 more days would be ideal"

Sounds like the loggies are earning their crust :)



Whilst I think the comments made by relatives are well-intentioned, things need to be kept in proportion here.  

Even in GW1, there were delays etc, however when, we had to go, the "little things" like fresh rats, regular mail, shower-runs etc became suddenly unimportant.  So long as we had enough compo, water and ammo/weaponry, we could live slim for as long as it took.  I also noticed that soldiers became more effective when all the "soft-tail" was left behind.

For too long now, and largely due to the less-threatening experoences of PSO in the Balkans, where the first expectations of Tps on the ground is how good the social and domestic facilities are, welfare packages etc, we are becoming soft.  lets remember why we are there; Tps are preparing for war-fighting Ops.  When you pare it down to what is really important, the extra comforts which clog up the Log chain become less necessary.    

Stop the bleating, unless its for essential, operational equipment, and get on with it.  


War Hero
I'm sorry - but are you an idiot??

One of the most important factors in War is morale.....poor morale  = crap soldiers.  Now while I agree that having Fresh rations, tents etc  24/7 is nice, living of compo under the stars is fine.

What is not fine is having troops short of equipment and the correct clothing, getting no communication from home so that they can feel that they are supported by both Government and Family.

:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:


Toptotty - mmm the reference to your being femail has somewhat let the side down.

Your other reference to bleating points to what mainy democratic people of the military type and others, would point at censorship.

When you point out just mention the necessary on the last line of your - mmm, post (I'm putting that politely) would you like the thousands of men who are awaiting desert combats to tell their families and see what we can do on their behalf? No, of course you wouldn't. What about the other highly essential pieces of kit (which I won't mention now because it wouldn't be appropriate) Would you like us again to bring attention to that? No, I didn't think so.

Be very pleased that there is only a small amount of "bleating" as you so arrogantly put it going on. Becuase if some people started pointing out the facts that many of us are aware of, lids would be taken off cans of large ass biting worms.

We are decent enough to keep a lid on what we think about the serious stuff, please be polite and empathetical enough to do the same and allow us what little outlet we do have. Thank you very much


By the way, I wrote that in high annoyance, please igonore the couple of bad spellings!
Go girl!



Even in GW1, there were delays etc, however when, we had to go, the "little things" like fresh rats, regular mail, shower-runs etc became suddenly unimportant.  

I would love to know if you are a so called leader of men/women....  what the fcuk are you doing trying to quote conditions from a war that was almost 100 years ago now, and is widely acknowledged that it was one of the most mis-mananged wars of all time....

It is 2003 for gods sake... if you cant give give the troops the right equipment and clothing in this day and age, then how can the powers that be call us the "best Army in the World" ...  

you need a large tablet of "realism" i think....   :mad: :mad: :mad:



Read the post you mong, GW1 was not 100 years ago, I should know, I turned up for it.

Or is it that you don't know what GW1 means?


Dear Lucy,

Polite as ever, but you haven't really read the post correctly.


PS: the TT has no reference to gender



Now I know why I feel so old !


Even in GW1, there were delays etc, however when, we had to go, the "little things" like fresh rats, regular mail, shower-runs etc became suddenly unimportant.    

I would love to know if you are a so called leader of men/women....  what the fcuk are you doing trying to quote conditions from a war that was almost 100 years ago now


Toptotty, my very own sparing partner! I'VE READ IT LOTS! I really don't understand that you mean anything other than what it says there in black in white!

But as I mentioned on another post somewhere, I got a phonecall saying that in his particular camp things are fine, but he is still waiting for essential (and in what he does - believe me we are talking essential gear) gear and other camps have in fact been in shit state basically.  Yes I agree on the situation being relevant to imminent war, however, surely food is a basic requirement? Yes some young guys (and I have seen this like yourself) are light weight plebs, but I know some of the guys that are writing home this stuff to their wives and bitchin just isn't their style!


Lucy and Lipstik,

I take my hat off to you! keep the home fires a burnin for your chaps.  I do know from experience that you will have a greater effect on your man's morale than any welfare pack etc.  However, 3 squares a day does help a lot too!



I almost fotgot...


Don't do yourself down, you're not a Mong.  We all  make mistakes from time to time, show some tolerance to yourself as well as others.  Well done for coppin to yer mistake.

TT ;)


Toptotty - are you having a really good week or something? You sound so chilled out! :D


So chilled Lucy, I couldn't respond to the post!

Red wine helps though.

best wishes to you and yours.

But I will tell you what is good to see:

Defence Fire Service and EFI Staff in all the right gear.  Top Bombing !! :mad:

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