Boots DMS

Are kids these days getting bigger feet? My grandson, aged 14, is also in size 13. OK, he's a big lad but not quite six foot tall. God knows what he'll be like when he "grows up". Are they all growing big feet to cope with the coming floods (a la Waterworld?)


ha ha yes size 13 feet. Age 14 Six foot two tall I reckon he might make six four or six five but I hope his feet stop growing, he's gone from a 10 1/2 to a 13 in under a year. Biped managed to get hold of some size 13 combat boots for me, but I'm looking for a pair for best for the lad.
Anyone who takes the piss out of big footed twats like myself and my lad sizes 13&14 respectivley are cnuts! Still we are massivley endowed so swings and roundabouts eh! :)
I am also a size 13, managed to pick up some boots for cheap from an outdoor store that were ex-display. The woman thought she was going to have to write them off as she thought no-one would ever buy them!

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