Boots, comfy, walts for the use of,

I need to get some new boots for light tabbing/field work with my Air cadets. I currently wear Hitec magnums, and whilst outstanding in an urban enjvironment, I don't think these are up to even limited exposure to CPTA and Pirbright a dozen or so weekends a year

What about issue pro-boots, unlined? I hear the gore-tex ones have advantages, but if they do get wet, they stay wet longer than the unlined ones. Any truth in that?

I am a wide fitting size 13, who has had little or no luck with boots until I discovered magnums.

Last time I wore a military boot it was DMS high, and it did me no good at all!

All advice greatly appreciated.
Lowa combat boots = combat slippers

A bit pricey (circa £150) but the best investment i ever made, and you may be able to get them a bit cheaper if you have a MOD 90 as most places do forces discounts.

yeah lowa's are ace but pricey (£129.99- they even do the mountain boot version in a 13 wide , did a week solid at whinny hill and had no probs whatsoever. Also your right about the gortex lining staying wet for longer but thats what seal skinzs were invented for.
Have come across a few people, mainly 16 AA Bde that have bought Brasher Boots and dyed them black. As for me, I wear Magnums in summer and Cbt Asslt Boots for winter (temperate). Once broken in, the issue boots are like slippers, but they do take some breaking in - the new ones appear to be of a lower quality than the ones that came out in the late 90s. Neats foot oil does a great job of making them more supple and waterproofing. Alt-Berg boots (Richmond N Yorks) are a good option (they custom make the boots for soldiers with podiatric problems that are referred by the MOs) should accommodate your unfeasibly large plates of meat, but will be a tad pricey.
For cadet purposes, you do not want to be spending more than £50 on a pair of boots. Lowas and the other types of ultra-awesome boots are great, but do you really want to pay £100 plus for a pair of boots that you'll wear on excercise (where the boots really come into their own) for two nights out maximum?! For ATC use, the army issue assualt boots will do just fine. I was lucky enough to buy a pair of old style Pro boot for £50 and they lasted me for six years ACF work (about one year reg work!), but more than that? If the army issues assualt boots and expects trainee soldiers and officers to wear them, then they'll do ok for ATC use!
Also, I'm pretty damn sure this thread has been posted before with the exact info you've put in you're first message.

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