Boots cold weather? What are they?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by bibo_boy, Mar 30, 2005.

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  1. Please no pics of big furry fashion boots, or comments about wellys etc.!!! :lol

    I guess they are Pro boots? Or are they Lows's?
  2. Here you go mate - this is a pic of the initial trial boots given to DPA by Britton:


    Clearly they are now black.
  3. Oh a-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l y'go:


  4. More work on the uppers!
  5. Are you fcuking kidding - I'm an officer! :D
  6. So old style pro boots then?

    Or are they Matterhorns? :?
  7. At the risk of being sucked into possibly the most boring thread ever*, what you know as 'Pro Boots' are in fact 'Boots Extreme Cold Weather'.

    However, when they were originally procured, the MoD would only front the cash for the ongoing IFOR mission (and even then, they were a one-time single issue piece of kit). Therefore, when we continued to send chaps to the Balkans (in extreme cold weather), the MoD needed to urgently procure (through a UOR) a suitable boot - in this case, the 'Matterhorn'.

    However, the 'Pro Boot' is widely regarded as being far better, and so 'new money' was sourced to procure more.

    This is why you see people with both styles, and in many cases, several sets of each.

    *It's all relative - the benefit of a thread like this is that it doesn't get over-run by attention whores. :D
  8. They look similar to US Army "Fort Lewis" boots. By Danner I think.
  9. no batman? :p

    Should they even be polished? Many new style factory leather treatments are defeated when old style wax polish is applied.
  10. Quick answer - no, they shouldn't. They are issued with a nifty tin of special oil (which looks suspiciously like wax!)
  11. With gash kit like the SA80 and LSW I would just like to say I think the above boot is superb and probably the best in the world. As good as a Danner or Matterhorn but much lighter it is equally good for standing in a wet trench or tabbing across the hills. I still have the pair issued six years ago and yes they have seen a lot of use.
  12. As you seem to be a guru... (a compliment!) can you make sense of this....

    MOD Stock Ref: 8430 21 104 6914 Remarks: RDD Can not be met overdue from trade

    What Does SPC 13 mean? I got an SP30 once!!!!! :lol:

    Thanks fellow spotters!
  13. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    I got Matterhorns in 96 and they kept my feet lovely and warm when driving Land Rovers for 8 years until I eventually hung them up. NEver got any waxy lube though its possible the Ghurkas nicked it all....

  14. It's a little hard to answer your question here. Is the SPC specific to the MoD stock reference number? If so, we need someone (at work) to access the relevant IS and tell us what the piece of kit is!

    However, an RDD is a Required Delivery Date. An SPC is a Standard Priority Code. They are related. The Standard Priority System (SPS) is driven by the RDD annotated on demands by units; regardless of the SPC used. Stores System 3 will always use the SPC that corresponds to the Supply Chain Processing Time (SCPT) quoted in JSP 336. All units should be aware that no one has the authority to downgrade demand priorities, however, units incorrectly calculating the RDD will downgrade the priority of a demand but the RDD will still be met.

    So, to answer your question: you have something on demand, at SPC 13 (not very high) but it's going to be delayed as trade (the supplier) can't deliver it yet.

    If it's 'Boots ECW', you're going to be chilly! :D
  15. Thanks... Calypso. better buy the plug in foot warmer now!