Boots, Booties or Court Shoes ?

I know I shouldn't have been there, but on Woman's Hour, or some similar junk on 4 this morning, a couple of lezbifriends were discussing how girloids were discriminated against on the basis of their footwear. Of course the subject was rapidly forgotten, in favour of an analysis (?) of shoeshops and bras and the usual lezziegirl nonsense, but it led me to us real people pay much attention to footwear ? Me miself wear Docs and have done most of my semi-adult life - not for 'hardman' image, simply comfy. Some wear trainers, some wear footgloves really make the image?????
Only if you're a Croc wearing hermer! Or wear grey slip-ons with white socks like my dad (he's ex-crab so he has an excuse for being sartorially challenged)
If I had to choose a style of footwear which demonstrated my loathing of this pants thread, it would be a pair of steel toe-capped pit boots, complete with horseshoes and segs and a generous dollop of dog shite on the soles. I would then riverdance on the thread starter's face. The boring cunt.
Sorry folks, didn't really think a discussion on footwear would get far here unless it involved polish and invectives. Let's try again> Have you ever had a size 12 inserted up your ring till it split? Did you therefore feel discriminated against ?
Yes Mr D you caught it exactly. The mystery to me comes in a few parts

(a) How do these creatures get shagged?
(b) Assuming they do actually get shagged, what kind of lame sh8te puts up with this at home, day in, day out ?
(c) If they don't get shagged, who pays for them and how.... and why??
(d) Apparently one can get away with 3 years for murder these days...why do more people not take up the offer ?

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