boots and training

im goining in for basic on july the twelth and haved been running in some boots to get use to it worth me taking these with me or will they be burnt in front of me by a 6ft 16stone lean para rsm in disgust???
leave the boots at home
Don't listen to Sandy - Take your own chest webbing if you have it and a commando flash to stich onto your towel. They'll appreciate the interest you have shown and the effort it takes to sew badges onto things.
jawajockey said:
ha ha loving your work there,i maybe should buy my own beret aswell eh??? im sure they would love it
See now you're getting it. You can wear a Marines Beret or an RAF Regiment one if you want. Mention that you are aware of "The Big Three system" and offer to take the first stint wearing RAF colours.

Your knowledge will get you the much sort after reward of one on one tuition up and down the hill in Vimy.
jawajockey said:
see without all this help id be lost,if i stick with you i shall go far im sure
:roll: Its no good when they know better.

Follow Sandys advice re the boots. There will be plenty of time to wear them later.


I thought (way back in 1981) that I would get home on leave and the decent broken in and well bulled pair of DMS I had at home would be wise. The ******* didnt fit, I had gone up a boot size in the first 6 weeks!
I suspect a lot of MMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmAAAAAAAAAAAArkk timerrrrrrrrrrr may have had a little to do with it!
I believe there is a well known para recruit who did take chest rig etc, he could have gave you all this advice in one!

Nobody asked what boots they are, if they're the issued ones and worn in, might be handy to sneak those in after your allowed out camp home again to use for exercise etc...and I know it's probably inevitable but they will tell you not to salut other regiments etc except para, that will only make you look like a cock to the rest of us, if you see an officer i'd suggest a salut :roll: thats what they said to recruits when I was there because 1 out of paras transferred to us after 2 injuries and 6 months lost time to avoid another 3 months back for a 3rd injury and told us so... :wink:
thanks alot,its good shout about taking them once ive got through phase feet are pretty tough now so hopefully breaking another pair in wont be to for blister town here i that true they tell us not to salut other regiments?????

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