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Boots again, sorry!

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Green_Homer, Jul 21, 2006.

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  1. I know the subject of boots has been done to death (and probably will continue to be the case!) however I have read loads of the previous threads and feel I still need a bit more persuasion on which is the best way to go for a good all rounder boot before I part with my hard earned moula!

    Basically something which I can run with fairly comfortably however still offers decent support for tabbing

    Lowas and Altbergs seem to be rated highly but which precise type? :?

    So I appeal to arrsers to vote on the matter to help steer me in the right direction!
  2. What about Han Wags?
  3. To be honest mate all you are going to get is opinions - why not pop down your local surplus shop and try some on.
    If you go for either you mention they will meet your criteria you mention.
    Just a tip go gor at least 1 size up from your usual shoe size

  4. To be honest mate all you are going to get is opinions - why not pop down your local surplus shop and try some on.
    If you go for either you mention they will meet your criteria you mention.
    Just a tip go gor at least 1 size up from your usual shoe size

  5. They are boots!! Its not like buying a car or a house for fecks sake
    More bandwidth wasted perhaps a boots forum should be developed
    edited to make sense
  6. Link CAB? Not heard of them before

    Baz - Appreciate the thinking thats what I intend to do ultimatly before I part funds, just thought I could get a bit more advice on which performs best down the line.

    edited to add - Gimp - Sadly a hundred pounds or so pair of boots is on par with purchasing a house for me at the moment however need a 3rd pair and don't really want to buy more issue assault boots as my feet freeze in the winter!

    edited again for being a mong
  7. I tab in Altberg Sarawaks with the Skywalk sole
  8. untallguy

    untallguy Old-Salt Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Never used Lowas so can't comment on them.

    However, have used Altbergs now for 6-7 years in varying places and weathers.

    I use Defender Microlites - 3-season boot (will handle UK winter OK) - excellent for tabbing and general use, very light, break in quickly, good soles (grip and shock absorption) - good bit of kit all round.

    I also use Field and Fell for winter - Goretex-lined 4-season boot - light, break in quickly, good soles (grip and shock absorption), good for hard work in winter, dealt with Sennybridge and Brecon Beacons easily - however, quite a high boot and take a bit of getting used to - however, once done, all OK.

    However, if you're only buying one pair, go for the Defenders - a better all-round boot (Field and Fell is more of a winter boot).

    Hope this helps
  9. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    I wear Altberg Defender. Very good.

    Call into the factory or give them a call and they will advise on which pair to buy depending on what you will use them for. Great after sales service too.
  10. The misery and impact on performance associated with ill-fitting/unsuitable boots should never be underestimated. I'd rather make the mistake of buying a crap car than a crap pair of boots.
    A good pair of boots is a sweeter thing than a free bar, or nympho, tag-team twins! (Well, almost. :wink: )
  11. Only you can decide 'cause your the soldier, the wearer and it's your feet they're going on. As some have suggested, try some pairs on and see....I voted LOWA Combats because they've served me well and are definately up there as one of the best boots a soldier can have, especially for Infantiers...
  12. I would recommend the Matterhorn range of boots any day! Now they are expensive if you buy them in the UK, try to get them from the USA or an American Forces PX if you are in Germany etc. To be practical, if you are off to very hot places you need 2 types, one which has the cordura side so its good for hot weather, eg the desert, and the full leather sided type for if you are off to the depths of Germany/ Batus in winter and so on.
    You need to try them on, and go a size larger, although they cost a lot you can re sole them and they just keep going. Have never had a problem with them ever, their only drama is that they cost a lot of money.
  13. Thanks for all the tips / advice etc.

    Have gone with the Lowa mountains as they seemed to fit very well and give some very good support - always thought they looked too short when I saw pics of them.

    Altberg sound great but I suppose ultimatly unless I can try then on 1st I don't like to commit which is annoying because I can't find any near me.

    Thanks again all

  14. I had 2 pairs of altbergs with the microlite sole and had to get them resoled with 6 months, so i wouldnt really recommend them for tabbing but then again i probarly do more miles tabbing than virtually everyone on here

    Green_Homer heres a link to the Altberg factory